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  • As much as I do not agree with some of your conspiracy theories, I am amazed at your wisdom in other areas. Once when I was taking a bus to the computer school I went to in my early 20s I sat at the bus stop next to a homeless person. I talked with them for some time before my bus came. It was then that I realized some wisdom can come from some unexpected places.
    I am not sad about my past. I am not proud of it either. Though I am thankful that I have finally seen the light. Far too many people never come to terms with their sex addiction. And as they age they do become sad, or perhaps discontented is a better word. Some however, are so oblivious that they never realize what they missed in life. I think that we should be open and honest about sexual issues. I think that the Puritan perspective only leads to people going to extremes in either direction.
    Thank you :)

    and lol!

    thanks naz,....just keeping jerry on his toes :) freelight fashion. - u know how some tend to 'dispensationalize' things away. As u know I'm very eclectic and happy to admit I know nothing. All points of view, opinions are subject to change. 'Creative dialogue' is what im all about.....its an art,....all is fluid, relative, ever-changing, evolving. There may be a fun surprise around every corner. You yourself may be utterly destroyed (your ego) be born anew. Might be scary,...but necessary....if one is to be free. we could say more,.......good day :)
    hehe, love your recent sling of 'arses' lately here :) I see someone's hit a 'hot button' on ya ;)
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