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  • LOL- I resemble that remark. Although it takes longer to recover from a heavy day than it used to. I'll be 34 this month, which makes youuuuuuu??
    Will do and happy to hear it. Yes. Being dad is a remarkable experience. Four years in and I'm trying to slow him down. :)
    Jack's doing well and I'm nervously sending out queries to agents trying to finally and actually land one after a long "any ol day now I'm going to get around to that" methodology. You?
    Yeah- me too. Its difficult to counsel a man going through that type of loss, especially since he still believes. I didn't really know what to say other than I'm here to listen if you need to holler and scream. I'm going to try and encourage him to swing back by here- hopefully he can take some encouragement from y'all...
    Hey, glad you enjoyed it. I like the Colour Of Money but The Hustler is definitely a better film. I don't post as much as I used to but I'm still on here pretty regular.

    Hey, good to hear sir. Just muddling through here. Did you ever get around to watching 'The Hustler' btw?
    Life is beautiful. Family is healthy, I'm one of few still working in the US oil industry, and I've found my peace. How are you, fine sir?
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