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  • :shocked: That sounds bad.

    OK I guess. Tomorrow is a holiday so I don't have to work. That's nice.
    Smart move. :chuckle: You can't find any books on Amazon you want?!?! :noway: If you need some suggestions, let me know. ;)
    Of course it didn't work. I can't be trapped. :plain:

    Well, it is going well enough considering my current circumstances. :plain:

    Hop, hop, hop. :chew:

    My sprout patch is doing very well, thank you very much. :mmph: As I mentioned in your birthday thread, I sent you a parcel of sprouts and parsley. Did you receive it? :plain:

    Actually, I am enjoying the tennis now that the rain has stopped. :D :plain:

    Sounds good. :cheers:
    I just hope he gets a job very quickly. Then this can all be over. I'm partially afraid that this will end up hurting the relationship between me and my brother. I hope we both have the patience and understanding to make it.

    I quick looked that book up. Sounds interesting. I'm a little scared to read Whitehead though. :chuckle: It's impressing that you are understanding it! :D
    Thanks for the link. I might check it out as I have time.

    Unfortunately I haven't had much time to read lately. I'm still making very slow progress through NT's book. I hope to get some reading done today. Wright has said some interesting things. He's compared the Holy Spirit coming to us to the fire and cloud that led the Israelites through the wilderness. Also, now sure how but I never really realized what Pentecost was about and he explained that it was about Moses being given the law. And there can be significance to the Holy Spirit being given then. And I like how Wright focuses on the covenant aspect of Christianity. We are called to join in God's work. It's not just a transaction whereby our sins are forgiven.

    I would....but I've already feasted on sprouts earlier tonight so I'm quite full at the moment. :plain:

    Don't forget to put some marmite on your parsley. :eek:

    I should probably add one thing about the Bauckham book. He also tries to argue for the Gospel of John being based on the actual eyewitness of John, the son of Zebedee. I'm not sure I buy his arguments for that, they seem a bit speculative compared to his other arguments.
    I just like to be different. :freak:

    Have you been following the debate between Squishes and Hilston? I kinda forgot about it until I saw it again, now. I'll have to catch up sometime this weekend.
    Thanks. I watched all 5 parts to the Aaronic Blessing. Very fascinating. I think my favorite part was about "name". He went to the NT and talked about how Jesus said to pray in his name. Sheds new light on what that should mean. :think:
    :chuckle: When me and Townie talked about it, it was in reference to the chapter on the 20 proofs of God. I had sent him a PM about it and then we said a thread might be good. But there is so many things in that book that can be discussed. Nearly every chapter can be a thread. I actually did start a thread about one thing. Not sure if you saw it. It was about the idea that the exclusivity isn't about Christianity, it's about Christ. If you guys keep taking forever, I'll just start another one. ;)
    Hey TH, don't sweat it. Continue to take your time. And if you'd prefer to move this to a thread, I think I'm game. I thought about doing it from the start but since I was working through the book and since I'm still building my own thoughts and beliefs on much of this, I didn't think I'd actually be able to contribute much to a thread. So instead of I chose to bug you for your thoughts. :chuckle:

    Speaking of the book - I'm on Part 5: God & Glory. I enjoyed the last section about the bible and may go back to review some before I move on. And I'm also reading "God's Word in Human Words" by Kenton Sparks. It's about biblical scholarship/criticism. Should be a good read from what I've read so far.
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