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  • Actually that wasn't meant as an attack, though I did intend to tweak you a bit. For some peculiar reason you seem to be of the opinion that you're the slighted party, conducting yourself differently save for responses to likened rough treatment...to my mind we both engaged in a little rough house and that's frequently the nature of the game. At least it appears you play similarly with others and you certainly began our discourse after that fashion.

    Aside from that, while I had and have no intention of using your profile page as a forum for attacks, it is a public, not private page and the point of it is in large part to communicate, as with PMs, particular remarks that have no other or better place. It isn't as though I'm neg repping you or following you about and calling you names.

    You should stop taking things like this so seriously...:plain: Sorry, but I couldn't resist it. Sensitivity noted and respected, if peculiarly displayed in relation to, say, the poster whom you noted in the quote below. :e4e:
    Your objections appear to reveal a profound lack of understanding of how evolution works, regardless of whether you're aware of that or not.
    And you were lecturing me on humility? :chuckle: Just ran across it and thought I'd note the pot/kettle connection. At least I would have attempted to give the poor devil a laugh while I swatted him. :e4e:
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