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  • Ur just as good to bag it all and take up a seat under masters like Ramana Marharshi or Sri Nisgardatta Maharaj, and realize the 'Self' that is the only 'God' there is.... ;)
    :) im a rainbow warrior. I just like color....and sacred geometry. I tire of trinity debate....its a wash. But guilty of engaging my share. God is one, regardless of....and including all plurality. After awhile its all semantics.
    Hi, you'll be running in circles discussing trinity with Apple7, he'll demean, deflect and use one-upmanship in his polemics then claim you're doing it. He worships his own image of god as displayed in his avatar. I only engage him sometimes, but its the same tired apologetic.
    ok PJ!!! lol i like this site but they sure dont give u much PM space. im makking mailbox room
    You mailbox if full !!!! I'm at the moon landings part in that video. Very interesting. We nevewr sent men there so what else would they lie about? FLAT EARTH !!! LOL ! I was baptized Catholic and went to Catholic school until 5th grade so I guess I'll always be Catholic. I think the Jesuits have evil agendas and the historic leadership of the Vatican etc is corrupt and has been for centuries.

    There are a couple of really good Catholic threads going right now on TF, I just posted. Sometimes I float between 3 or 4 forums at a time. One is in Ireland so they're 6 hours ahead so I don't go there right now. I've see 3 or 4 people there signing up tonight, it's getting better already. I'd like to start a conspiracy thread but I'll have to talk to Joe the owner first. I like keeping busy making posts. :chuckle:
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