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  • Jason
    I pray you have a very good year filled with hope and faith and love
    And do not forget you are a blessing!!
    It was nothing you did. I was deleting other people on my friends list and I got carried away. After I deleted you as a friend, I knew I made a mistake. I would be willing to befriend you again if you are open in doing so. Sorry about that.
    If I have offended you in some way in order to compel you to unfriend me, please accept my apologies. :) It certainly was not my intent.
    Dear Jason0047,
    You are an extraordinary person from what I see, and I can feel that God is with you. Yes, God and Jesus hate 'ways,' just like Jesus said in Rev. 2:6, "But this thou hast, that thou hatest the deeds of the Nicolaitaines, which I also hate." God be with you and Bless Your Path!
    your post in the "first question" have been ex-quoted in the "omnipresence"
    Jason, allow me to, put forth an appropriate analogy?

    You, my friend, are like a beautifully decorated
    cake. Everything looks great, lots of frosting
    and decorations. However, when someone
    decides to cut into the cake, they find that, there
    is no substance below the frosting. Sure, the frosting
    and outside look good, but once you slice the frosting,
    there's nothing of substance below the surface!
    You talk sugary sweet, but there's just no substance!
    Jason, always likes to serve up his main course of untruth, with a sidedish of false humility, topped with a generous sprinkling of contrived civility!
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