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  • Thanks for the rep hit for the greek post to LA. That's what his posting looks like to me. :D
    Thanks. :) The first couple were from a friend, but someone would have to know he was riffing off the earlier ones and know he was my friend in order to know what he was doing. Kind of an inside joke. :) The others were from people who don't like me and I return the sentiment, but the posts were memorable for their context and there was no sting there for me. I've long ago had to grow the thicker skin I didn't have when I came here. Someone once asked me why I'd want to be reminded all the time by my sig line, and I guess in some way it helped keep me grounded. :chuckle: But thanks for your rep comment, I appreciate it. And I'm no saint myself, I've had my own choice words to say to people when I've gotten fired up. :eek:
    Thank you. :) Happy New Year to you too, exminister. I hope it's a good year for you.

    It's not as private as a PM, but it's more private than most profile pages here, because I have it set so only friends in my friends list can see the messages or post on the page. I'm happy to hear from you anytime, whichever way you choose.
    Now if you really want a smile check out my Jack thread now and then. Just photos of the world's top four year old, to be objective about it.
    Old enough to not laugh at reading "but tattoo" without a misspell, but young enough at heart to not care and to laugh anyway. :D
    It was complicated. I had a room full of "TOL like members" being petty and argumentative. I was immature and just could not handle it.

    How do you start a thread ?

    It says I have authority to do so, but I just don't see how.
    glad to see you starting to post.

    So you are former minister? Why did you quit?

    just curios.

    thank you.
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