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    About that atheism thing…

    As some friends and fellow TOLers have noticed, some of whom have sent me messages asking about it (thanks! :)), and for others who have yet to notice but who knew what I previously believed: I no longer consider myself a Catholic nor a theist. As to what lead to this change, it had been some...
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    What is the Evidence for Evolution?

    Nicely done and and easy to understand video: lIEoO5KdPvg
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    Sickness and the right to end one's life

    Recently there was a news item with a rather moving story of a 29 year old woman with terminal cancer who has made the decision to end her life. Here is the story in question: Source ... The right of a person to end their own life in this manner, also known as physician assisted suicide, is...
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    Evoken's POTD for Town Heretic

    The post is a bit longer than what I quote below but this is a fine response by TH (as usual): Well put sir :first: Thread link Evo