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  • Yeah, I think that has to happen. It is not an easy walk, when sinners insist on their sins :( We must lift Him up. I think you make valid political comments and separate them well in your mind too. Thanks for continued input and reasoning given. I appreciate it. -Lon
    I do like them, I also like a few good chick flicks, but not any chipmunk flicks
    I’ll see it when it comes out on Blu-Ray.

    I would not be able to see it in a theatre, unless I had a bed to lay on and my own waiter. It is my heath, at home; I can pause a movie and get some juice, tea, or dinner/supper. It seems I may need a full service restaurant on scene, as well, a helicopter to transport me into the theatre, no waiting, no ticket collector; all that would have to be done in advance.

    No, I would never do that.
    He gives a rather candid interview on the anniversary edition. I'm surprised the mother of the 15 year old didn't send Kirk to jail.
    GFR7 joined my thread on page 29. Read his posts and see how inconsistent they are (his inconsistency starts at page 39),
    I personally think that Dan Savage is a vile man.. and I don't say that lightly. I've always been supportive of the death penalty for certain crimes. Homosexual behaviour isn't one of them, it is indeed absurd and leaves no room for redemption.

    If I had been executed, how would I have ever come to know the Lord?
    Thanks for this. Duly noted and replied. I found myself agreeing with you especially on the point about redemption.
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