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BATTLE TALK - Battle Royale III ~ Dee Dee vs. Jerry

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    How do you all like my new Battle Avatar??? Ggggrrrrrhhhhhh!!!!


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      I am familiar with both Jerry S. as I have posted along side him for a time in the Dispensational forum and I am familiar with Dee Dee from her consistent posts regarding the preterist view.

      Jerry S. has a great chance for he is very eloquent with Scripture and collected in his discussion; however, Jaltus claim is appropriate that many of his proofs can be used to contradict him as he does not tend to cover the context of his proofs while providing them but it will still require a knowledgable opponent to bring this out.

      Dee Dee has a great chance cause she is just a ball of spunk and even if she lost you would still be scratching your head afterwards cause she's fast and wouldn't let you admit it. Anyway to simply put it she is a force to be reckoned with agree or disagree with her and I personally fear her.

      So I'm expecting a great debate.


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        LOLOLOL!!! YxBoom, flattery will get you everywhere

        And I do agree BTW that Jerry is a worthy opponent. He and I go way back, and that is why I personally invited him to challenge me. But, Jerry also has part of the "credit" for turning me to preterism, so this is an interesting turn of events. It should be very interesting, and I look forward to it.

        I realize coming into this that I am the severe underdog, and that is just fine with me. Any points I earn will be hard-earned, and I expect to have to work for them. That is why I have my game face on.... Grrrrhhhhhh!!!!

        Boy I hope I get to go first...


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          Whhoooo Hoooo!!! I get to go first!!! But... wait a minute... that means I don't get the last word... grrrhhhhhh!!!!


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            Hot turds!! Hot turds!! Whatever Knight!


            THREE FOR THREE $$$ through PAYPAL!!

            "you just can't sell a turd."
            Whatever jealous! Just sit back and watch the mony roll on in!....

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              Dee Dee's first post

              Good, but it focuses on the destruction of the temple. Outside of the opening dismissal of Daniel, it doesn't even mention the Great Tribulation.


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                Her first post is good, but I don't think it does anything for her. I seriously doubt anyone is going to challenge the fact that the temple was destroyed.


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                  Originally posted by Knight
                  ...[/i] "you just can't sell a turd."
                  Obviously this man has never purchased manure for use in a garden...


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                    Maybe he has a rock garden.


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                      Originally posted by cirisme
                      Her first post is good, but I don't think it does anything for her. I seriously doubt anyone is going to challenge the fact that the temple was destroyed.
                      The opening with the destruction of the temple was powerful in my opinion as what it does is as you observed builds a common ground since a futurist will agree. By building this common ground she doesn't just come out and puke on the audience for it brings validity to the rest of her arguments. Jerry isn't gonna open his thread denouncing that the temple was not in fact destroyed he would lose his argument from the get go. So it follows that she is laying a well place trap I mean argument for her opponent where Jerry is bound to acknowledge her view has validity at least in the launching pad.

                      I also think that the silence concerning the tribulation was beneficial for her case as well. I don't know if it was because of length or she meant to do it but it agains helps bolster her foundation because she isn't just coming out sounding like a blithering idiot to any futurist. I would not be surprised if she had all this laid out already. But then Jerry is formidable enough to handle a loaded debate


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                        I think the easy rejoinder to Dee Dee's first post is John 2:21-22
                        21 But the temple he had spoken of was his body.
                        22 After he was raised from the dead, his disciples recalled what he had said. Then they believed the Scripture and the words that Jesus had spoken.

                        Since Jerry would never agree with anything I say, I have no problem posting this, hehe.
                        For Greek conversion,


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                          Dear Everyone:

                          I am not sure if I am allowed to post here at all now... but I am sure that I am not allowed to post anything substantive... so I won't. But I am utterly astounded (did that sound melodramatic enough) at the failure of almost everyone to grasp my point. I don't mind having my points criticized (Lord knows I get that all the time) but I would certainly like for them to be grasped first. I am asking you kindly to please reread what I posted... there is a logical progression to the argument which is summarized in the final paragraph. No one here has shown that they understand the dilemna that I presented. Now I understand that all of you may disagree that it is an actual dilemna, and go for it if that is what you believe, but please for Pete's sake.... and least try to "get" what I am saying. .. I apologize for any writing inability or ill communication on my part.

                          And to our dear and beloved moderators please promptly delete this post if I am not supposed to be posting here.


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                            Re: Dee Dee

                            OK, I've re-read your last paragraph. I think I understand it, and I think it's incorrect. I'm not going to go into my reasoning in any depth during the Battle, but here's a clue: Olivet Discourse. You like that term, but think about it a little bit.


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                              Dear JohnV:

                              All I am asking is that you understand the point... disagreement is fine.. but I think we all want to make sure that what we are disagreeing with is actually the point that the other person was making and not a phantom, so I thank you heartily for taking the time to make sure that we understand each other. That is all that I can ask, so thank you.

                              And I am sure that Jerry disagrees too, so perhaps he will pose the issues that you would do if it were a debate between you and I. If not, you and I can hash it out afterwards.... I would look forward to it.


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                                I think the easy rejoinder to Dee Dee's first post is John 2:21-22
                                Jaltus, Jaltus, I already spanked you on that before... do you need another