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toldailytopic: What type of person commits a terrorist act like the one at the Boston

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    Originally posted by Knight View Post
    No matter who it turns out to be the conspiracy nuts will say it wasn't really them.
    Knight you would have done well on the warren comission, you certainly can't see much evidence for anything outside your little rightwing box now can you?
    Trying to awaken the divine principle in the belly of the fish.


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      Originally posted by vegascowboy View Post
      So you are not at ALL concerned that this "one little teen punk" may have prepared and have explosives enough to kill dozens of innocents, including children?
      Another warren comission candidate, have any magic bullet theories on this one or have you pretty much figured out its those dirty muslims again, maybe these teens where hiding the WMD as well pard.
      Trying to awaken the divine principle in the belly of the fish.


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        We saw the Qaeda in Iraq (and everywhere), they have the tendency to say they do such things if they did (or someone they just know did), and every Muslim extremist group like to.

        They like the glamorous idea in their twisted minds "We attacked USA", they don't know they just attacked civilians.

        But still, maybe this is a new fringe group.

        (I can't bet because I am not well-informed about the other choices).
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          A person who has been abused without mercy.
          A person who has never been loved.
          A person who's been alienated from his very existence.
          A person who's never been properly listened to.
          A person who's never even been offered Christian love.
          A person who for some reason has never heard of, nor has been touched by,
          the story of the Good Samaritan or by any real life version of it.
          "There, but for the grace of God, go I."
          If you're not already crying, are you indeed a Christian?
          Does Jesus say there should be limits to love, care, understanding and compassion?
          Sorry for dumping on others with my personal pain.
          I shall turn to God now for solace.
          Thank you Lord, we love you.
          Sorry again.