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toldailytopic: Favorite travel destinations. What are some of you favorite places to

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    My favorite place to visit is Denver, to see friends. It's always fun to visit South Padre with the family. I don't really travel much. If I ever leave North America, it will be to go help out at a Romanian orphanage or something like that.
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      I would love to go see Ireland. My Mom's family is from County Armagh (Ulster), and County Cork (Republic). I have been to Erdine (Turkey) where my dad's side is from. Hilarious, all of us of Turkish descent (truth be told, we're more Bulgarian than Turkish), and none of us speak a word of Turkish! Had to use language guides. I found that the guides kinda sucked in Erdine, Greek guides would have been more handy......


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        Originally posted by Knight View Post
        Bermuda--until the wiggers were sent there.


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          Originally posted by serpentdove View Post
          until the wiggers were sent there.


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            Originally posted by serpentdove View Post
            Bermuda--until the wiggers were sent there.
            There are wiggers in Bermuda? What about Wapanese?


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              I've only ever been out of the country once, to go to Cancun for a few days. Otherwise I've only ever been within the main 48: OK, MI, NJ, CO, & OH. As far as I recall. I would love to go to Ireland or Scotland.


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                For Thanksgiving, my wife Laura and I will be travelling all the way over to the house of Delmar's brother Darrell, a whopping dozen miles or so! Or, at least, that's the plan! We look forward to it!


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                  Originally posted by Knight View Post
                  I like to drive. I love driving to California from Colorado, especially the Bryce Canyon area of Utah.
                  If you like Bryce Canyon NP, then you might like the two national parks that sandwich Bryce, namely Zion and Capitol Reef NP's. Zion is like being on the bottom of the Grand Canyon in that you look up to the 2000 to 3000 foot cliffs with the Virgin River flowing through a pristine cottonwood forest. If you go to Zion, I recommend entering the park via the east entrance. I was very impressed with the east side canyons, but then you enter a mile long tunnel and when you exit the tunnel you are totally unprepared for the massive and spectacular scenery you are about to see. I was so awed by this incredible creation of God that a psalm came to me where it says "there are those that say there is no god" Well in Zion there is the proof!. Capitol Reef is slightly less spectacular than Zion but you get more of a wilderness because there are less people. For example if you enter Capitol Reef from the east side and find the picnic area in mid-canyon along the Fremont river, take your shoes off cross the river and then you will enter another canyon called Spring Canyon. 99% of the time you and your family will be the only people in this spectacular 17 mile long side canyon. Also, Capitol Reef has orchards, such as apple, pear, cherry, etc. You would have to contact the park to get a blossom and fruit ripening schedule. Have fun!
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                    I haven't traveled much. I've only visited a few states and I've never been out of the country. At this point, I have a feeling things won't be changing anytime soon.
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                      Been on 4 cruises, 3 times to the Caribbean, once to Mexico, to Europe twice, England, Scotland, Amsterdam, Mexico (probably 30 times), Canada and Hawaii.

                      I loved the Caribbean the best. Specifically Barbados.

                      Domestic, been all over the place, I like warm, balmy weather so I prefer the Caribbean.
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                        I like going down into the finished basement, there is a big stereo down there and some big recliners. A nice wall heater and lamps with florissant lights that dim, it is really a nice place. I also like going upstairs in Atlanta, there has been some nice remodelling and a big soft bed. Besides this, I like riding in the motor home while being in bed watching old TV shows, sometimes the Andy Griffith Show, really, I kid you not!

                        You might not think this is all that exciting, yet for me, it is what I have and I like what God gives me, the ability to not get bored. Thanks for helping.

                        If things were different, I would like to go to Argentina, to the pampas and take in the beauty.

                        I have been fortunate seeing most of the USA, all but the East coast. I enjoyed trips hunting out west, Delta CO. Gunnison and up in Wyoming, seen Yellowstone and Montana, been to Yosemite, fished in the Gulf and Pacific. Fished all over the South. Been to Mexico, very pretty country, poor but pretty and a few days in BC, Vancouver and Victoria. I like the beaches on the west coast north of Big Sir. I think Africa is beautiful, a bit like Texas in places, have not been in the central and northern part. I wanted to see Australia.

                        I have not been to Europe, would have liked it when I was young, but the older I became, the more I liked open spaces.
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                          Like Ktoyou, I like "staycations", just staying at home and relaxing when there is a long weekend holiday.

                          That said, our favorite vacation spot is the Grand Floridian Hotel at Walt Disney World. Have stayed there so many times I have lost count. I met my wife while standing in line at the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland, CA. My home is full of Disney related items and we have never lost sight of the childlike wonder of the Disney theme parks--even the Paris, France Disneyland that I took my family to years ago before my wife became too ill to travel. It actually snowed on the day we were there in April!

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                            Originally posted by karstkid View Post
                            If you like Bryce Canyon NP, then you might like the two national parks that sandwich Bryce, namely Zion
                            I love Zion. I have been there tons of times.

                            In fact I will be staying one night right next to Zion next Tuesday.
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