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Proof: You were only forgiven of your past sins!

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  • Originally posted by Jerry Shugart View Post
    He is describing those who will be saved.
    Yep, by believing AND by being water baptized.

    That's what He said.

    Here, try this:

    Someone back then could be water baptized and not believe = not saved.

    Someone back then could believe and not be water baptized = not saved.

    Hence Acts 2:38. Believe He's the Messiah and be ritually washed for national priesthood.

    I have no idea how you cannot see that that's the plain meaning of what He told them.
    "There is one thing worse than going to Hell. That would be going to Hell and having it be a surprise."
    Terence Mc Lean

    [most will be very surprised]

    Everyone who has not believed the Gospel of grace is not saved, no matter what else they believe or do.
    By that measure, how many professing Christians are on their way to the Lake of Fire?


    • We need a fresh start when discussing this topic. When you start over, make sure you address the subject matter instead of personally attacking the TOL member. There is no reason we can discuss this in a civil manner.

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