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Why Buy Goverment Flood Insurance?

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  • Why Buy Goverment Flood Insurance?

    No, I don't sell insurance, but I was a certified home inspector and a certified mold inspector for 9 years. It was my hobby Job, but I took it very seriously. Home owners insurance does not cover water damage from rain. Home owners insurance will cover water damage that has occured from inside the home, but not from outside of the home.

    Weather patterns are changing. If it is flooding in the south now, what is going to happen in the spring? If you live near a creek, river, lake, at the bottom of a hill, in a canyon, in a low area or a river bottom, this article is for you, especially if you have a finished subterranean basement.

    Older homes usually do not have water proofed foundations. It is a mistake to finish the basements in these homes. Foundations, especially older foundations, are not built to keep water out. Wet foundations can raise the humidity level in the basement of a home and cause mold problems. The humidity level should always be under 50% anywhere in the home, but especially in the basement. If it is over that you shoud buy a de-humidifier and run it until the humidity is under 50%.

    I am concerned about this coming spring. If we should have heavy rains in the early spring while the ground is still frozen and drain pipes are still full of ice there are going to be problems. If rain water cannot seep into the ground it runs off to the lowest level. I have numerous light wells around my home that are from 3' to 5' deep. I have very sandy soil, but if that soil is frozen the rain water is going to find its lowest level.

    We have not had any problems to speak of in the last 17 years, but like I said, weather patterns are changing. What was okay last year may not be okay for this year. I think that I am going to buy flood insurance. Mold remediation is very expensive. The mold remediation companies hire out their employess from one hundred to a hundred and twenty five dollars an hour. They can't move very fast in those tyvek suits. A mold remediation job usually runs somewhere between twenty and fifty thousand dollars depending on the damage.