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  • Robert, I have been through alcohol withdrawals where I almost died. They are said to be worse than heroin withdrawals. God will get you through this.
    Nancy, please let Robert know that I and many others are praying for him and that the Lord has compassion for his trials.
    Thank you
    Update on Robert Pate-
    He has been in the hospital 10 days and had emergency surgery. He probably won't be back on the Forum for about 2 weeks.
    His wife
    Robert Pate is in the hospital and needs your prayers. He asked that I tell his friends this information. Hopefully, he will be coming home in 3-4 days.
    Nancy Pate (wife)
    check out the john 6 thread i recently commented.

    see if that has a general understanding of how you see the creation of men from the beginning.
    don't you get tired of beloved and other calvinists?

    calvinists seem to be very brutal and not caring or gentle and kind.


    I dont know if i could take the abuse you take with your threads.
    Hi Robert!
    Came to give you a HUG!
    Hope a cyber one is good enough.

    People are missing you did you see the thread looking for you?
    Is everything ok?
    sorry about using your thread to have a dialogue with a muslin which you should know would not be possible if all the muslim haters showed up to give us their input
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