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  • Top 100 Homeschool websites's top 100 educational web sites of the year.
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    Where's TOL?


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      Thanks for the link. I passed it on to my SIL

      I am sure it will keep me busy for awhile as well.

      Sometimes the web can be be overwhelming and you don't know where to begin to look
      (Like looking for a feild mouse in a hay field)

      This narrows it down.


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        In a recent issue of Answers Magazine (Answer's In Genesis magazine equivalent to Creation Ministries International Creation Magazine) they had a brief article about the website kids4truth.

        It has some really interesting stuff that could be used for homeschool (younger ages).

        I liked the watchmaker "dynamation" found by clicking here.
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          Originally posted by Poly View Post
's top 100 educational web sites of the year.
          hey thanks!


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            Originally posted by Ninjashadow View Post
            Where's TOL?
            Where's you?

            Happy Birthday.


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              After I got him through elementary school using my own cobbled together curriculum, I used these folks when home schooling my son through the high school courses:

              He later went on to graduate from ASU with honors.

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