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    Nang's pick of POTD:

    "Service is the result of true religion. The doing will come from the being.

    Be to do, not do to be. Huge difference. It's the difference between pistis (faith) and hamartia (sin).

    Many such acts of service as a "what" aren't the "how" of faith, and are sin. Sin is mistakenly thought of as evil or bad things. It's also very good works done with the wrong "how" for the "what" of the action.

    One can NEVER do to be. Doing is to come from being."

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    "The immutable God never learned anything and never changed his mind. He knew everything from eternity."

    " The difference between faith and saving faith are the propositions believed."
    Gordon H. Clark

    "If a man be lost, God must not have the blame for it; but if a man be saved, God must have the glory of it."
    Charles Spurgeon

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    .. Good pick.
    I think I'm hilarious.