I know, know...you all probably think I am totally biased, but Turbo slammed PureX with some awesome points!

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Murder is defined as an illegal killing.

No it isn't. It's defined as unlawful killing. And unlawful can mean illegal or immoral. I've told you this before. Look it up!

If the state is doing the killing, then it has deemed that killing legal.

So since the German government deemed its slaughtering of Jews c. 1940 to be legal, it wasn't murder?

...in which case the man who lied to wrongly convict someone can't be said to have attempted murder, because the state sanctioned killing of the innocent man would not be considered murder.

The state sanctioned the killing based on the witness's false testimony! The false witness used the government as his murder weapon.

No matter how we try to manipulate the idea, it's simply not true that more killing will result in less killing. We human beings have tried this countless times and it never works.

The stats that the Sibbie posted indicate otherwise.

Human beings will kill each other, and we will imagine that we are doing so for "just" reasons, whether those reasons are considered legal or not. And when we do so, we will be wrong much of the time, even by our own reconing of what is just.

Why do you think it's OK to imprison murderers for their entire lives, knowing that some of them might have been innocent? Kidnapping is a crime too, PureX.

Why do you think it's OK to kill an unborn child, even though you may be wrong about when "personhood" begins? When it comes to killing the unborn, you throw caution to the wind!

I think you're being disingenuous. I don't think you want any murderers, rapists, kidnappers, etc. to be executed no matter how obvious their guilt. This business about not wanting to risk executing the wrong person is a smokescreen.

The fact is that we cannot see into the hearts and minds of others, and so we simply don't have the capacity to know who is really guilty, and who really poses a further threat to society.

All the more reason to execute every murderer.

There's also that matter of justice. If a man sheds innocent blood, he deserves to have his blood shed. I know, I know... you find that distasteful. You'd rather protect the guilty at the expense of the innocent.

We also cannot see into our own hearts and minds and so recognize when we're expressing our own ignorance, hatred, fear and malace toward another human being and calling it "just punishment". But we sure like to think we do. And because we think we do, we will keep killing each other and imagining that we were justified. There will be no end to it until we all finally admit that none of us ever had any "right" to kill anyone for any reason. Only then will the killing finally stop.

What would make everyone magically decide to stop committing murder? Decriminalizing murder surely won't do the trick. The best we can do is swiftly execute every convicted murderer. The fear of death will prevent most from becoming murderers.

Many murderers and rapists kill and rape again upon release (or escape) from prison. But the recidivism rate among executed criminals is exactly zero.