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Sherman's Pick 11-15-2015

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  • Sherman's Pick 11-15-2015

    Lon knocks it out of the park. Purex's pitch is just crushed by Lon.

    Originally posted by Lon View Post
    Originally posted by PureX View Post
    I'm going to keep correcting this myth, whenever I see it. Christians do not give more generously, because they demand things in return for what they give. Mostly, they demand the pretense that the recipient is 'towing the Christian line' on how to think, and how act, and how to live.
    I provided links. You?

    Originally posted by PureX View Post
    Christians don't give to the poor, they pay the poor to listen to Christian sermons, and say Christian prayers, and act grateful to the Christian God. And if they don't pretend to repent, they get cut off. That isn't 'giving'. That's buying.
    Gossip is a sin. Trying to make your erroneous impressions vocal as if they are fact is a sin. You are flat-out, sinning against God and His church. The Salvation Army is an evangelical institution. The foodbank I work at is evangelical. The rescue mission is evangelical....

    After that, if you think that sharing Christ with a person isn't what is best for people, you are no Christian and should change your moniker.

    Originally posted by PureX View Post
    Christians don't really "give" to others at all. They buy control over others, and call it "giving".
    This is hate. "Give me your food and $ but shut up because I don't want to hear your garbage and I don't respect you for saying something with the money and food I'm taking from you regardless." Bitter-much? You sound like a flamer.

    I have a right to tell you that Jesus Christ changed my heart in such a way that it makes other people important, in hopes 1) that you will have the greatest thing and Person in your life that has happened in mine, and 2) so that you will understand why I out-give all others.

    You are frankly, crazy, to think 'no-strings-attached' somehow removes the sacrifice of out-giving all others in our time, talents, and money. Flat out crazy... and a liar. You are making a blanket statement in bitterness that isn't true. I have never 'preached' at people at the foodbank. There is a devotion at the beginning but people that don't want to hear that come afterwards. They don't 'have' to stay and hear that. We are trying, however, to give them water that one would never thirst again. Again, you should REALLY re-think your 'christian (other)' description if you hate the beautiful saving message of Jesus Christ.

    If I take care of only your immediate physical need and neglect your greater spiritual need, what's the point? It is BECAUSE we adamantly believe that a person's need is Jesus, that we confess Him before men. Matthew 10:33 If you keep it up, you are not going to make it Purex.

    June is Gay Pride Month.Tolerance and diversity? ☞ More like tolerate perversity.☠

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    Congrats Lon.

    We don't tell our children fairy tales so that they will know that monsters exist.
    They already know monsters exist.
    We tell our children fairy tales so that they will know that monsters can be killed.


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      Good post and good pick.


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        Wow! Great post Lon...this is POTY material.

        Is there a future Hall Of Famer in our midst?
        The winner of the 2011 Truthsmacker of the Year Award

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          Another great post by Lon.

          Well done.
          αξιον εστιν το αρνιον
          Worthy is the Lamb