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    Lightbulb Return to Oneness


    Note: The message of Oneness in this address still holds as universally true for all space and time (no matter the year), although modifications of change and evolution will be experienced in the space-time manifold as the Eternal expresses itself thru all potentials and possibilities.


    Greetings all,

    Sharing a New Year message from Gerald O'Donnell from the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing (ARVARI). Its an important survey of where we are at in this stage of consciousness for our planet and the greater quantum field of reality. Its all about returning to Oneness, the Reality that all Life and Consciousness is One, and in such integration of Love and Light is the only way we will enter the New Creation or Messianic Kingdom of real peace on our planet. He touches on the Heavenly Jerusalem and the earthly Jerusalem, the latter being the point where the heavens and earth 'meet'.

    I'm not a student per se of Remote Viewing and only aware of some basics about it, however the spiritual insights and metaphysical truths shared by the Academy confirm the fundamental principles of 'religion'', 'science', 'philosophy' and 'metaphysics',...based in the underlying and all-pervading Unity of Life and Consciousness in the Universe,...and how that we have our part to play as extensions of the Infinite One (God) in the continuum of space/time. The whole article is worth reading, - one may also expand upon the teachings in the 'Arvari Articles' section, in chronological order. This resource will be of interest to those curious about Remote Viewing as well,...but this is shared primarily for the significance of its essential teaching based on the infra-structure of consciousness itself.

    Happy New Year 2010: One

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