Without Cause, ways and means:

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I think most all of you think God does things without a cause, and without a way, and without the means to do so. Even to the point that God doesn’t have to have a Law to do something. – If that’s your stance on the events and doings of God; then there’s no wonder that the world is filled with false doctrines.

Some of the great things that happened or that were done without laws were the appointment of the King and Priests and High Priest of the Jews just before Christ appeared on the scene. - King Herod was not appointed in accordance to the Laws of God, but Rome appointed Herod over Joseph, the husband of Mary. - Herod was King illegally, and he illegally appointed Priests and High Priest. – Where you all fail to get it is, because of that, Jesus Christ the son of Joseph can now, NEVER be King, and set foot on the earth. The stuff most of you have your faith in is nothing but sheer doctrines from hell. However, Christ is the King over the New Kingdom of Heaven, not of your earth, but of the NEW EARTH. – If you read where Christ is to come all the way to earth, it’s not the carnal earth, but the Spiritual earth. And then, ONLY after it is said that the Old earth has passed away. Then and only then can there be a New and Holy earth and Heaven, where-in dwelleth righteousness. ---- IN OTHER WORDS! – You all MISSED it ALL with the doctrines that you all have followed into the DITCH. --- OK, don’t believe me, God and I really don’t care, if you don’t.

If the Kingdom of Christ was prepared from the foundation of the world, and it was; it has always been in the mind and thoughts of God for all time, making the Kingdom of Heaven a Spiritual Kingdom by God’s Spiritual Laws. - Not of any of your religious and carnal laws of your world. – All you carnal minded people are waiting for something to happen to fulfill carnal laws now, and that cannot happen. - HOLD YOUR BREATH if you have a “spiritual breath”, but none of you do. Satan never had the breath of life, nor do any of his children now have the Spiritual Breath of Spiritual Life. --- You don’t even know what that is! --- How shameful can a people be!
------ OOOHHH MMyyyy1 – I just filled you in on some very, very secret or crypto secret things of God. ----- AAAHHHH, now the Devil is really going to be ANGRY with me, and JEALOUS. - But you guys aren’t. - You guys are all GOOOOD people, and defend your God with YOUR SWORD; of the anti-word against my Sword. – Anyone can tell your sword is greater than my Sword, how you correctly use the Word of God from your hopeful bunkers. --- Acts 23:3 KJV – Matthew 16:3-4 KJV ----- OOHH just because Jesus called them “Hypocrites”, he didn’t really mean it; that would be SOOOoo RUDE, and HATEfulllll. -- Jesus was a GOOOD person like you, not like I am; mean and rude.

Whatsoever God says or does, he does all in his own name. Without the name, Christ can do nothing. – That’s the LAW OF GOD, and you all just don’t get it. – You still don’t even know what that name is! – And I’m the fool! - Yes for God and the Truth. – There are no miracles; they all are done by some Law of some kind, of Christ’s. He has ALL POWER of the LAW.

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