Why is God wrong?

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It seems that the world and those who dwell there think most of the things God said are wrong. One can point out Scripture after Scriptures that can’t be accepted by any of the Lost, while they say they love the Word and Jesus Christ, who is the Word in the Flesh. - It’s they who killed him for what he said. - HOW ironic that they say the exact opposite of what they do. – However, God said they would do that, so that must be wrong also.

Have any of you so called “Christians” ever noticed that you and those who crucified the Lord now speak the same kinds of garbage, you spoke while crucifying the Lord? – It’s ALL in the Scriptures and in most of my Thread.
My Threads will show anyone who the hateful liars and Truth haters are. – They are the same spirits that were there at the foot of the Cross. Every Christian can remember the hate and lies that were present that day. – Your not remembering it personally only says that you are either still a liar, or you are a very unlearned Bible Truths denier.

If you have to study from some commentary written by some other Truth hater, don’t be surprised if you hate the Truth also. – Just for Truth support on that, - Romans 3:3-4 KJV ---- Yes, I know it’s futile to give anything that God said. The fools will just say I took it out of context, even though they are the TEXT. - Nothing is too foolish for the fools to do and say, and they all do so foolishly.
Why do any of you think the words from some commentary have any power whatsoever over the Word of God? It doesn’t matter who wrote the foolish thing. -- IT’S WHAT GOD SAID; that is the power over everything you can say or do about anything. None of you can overpower what is spoken in the Truth of the Spirit. - Sure you as a lying antichrist will say anything to justify YOURSELVES, like you did at the cross. --- I SAW YOU THERE! --- You have no idea what that means either, as you don’t know what most of the Truth means.

If “YOU” or your most-loved Prophet or teacher or preacher cannot stay in the Scriptures 100% of the time in your doctrines; you or they are lying false prophets and teachers, lost and without God in your foolish world.

What is the barrier, wall, or boundary that cannot be crossed in the Truth? – If you do cross over the boundary of Truth; what makes you think you haven’t gone into the darkness of false doctrines and lies? The Truth has a Spiritual Wall around it. - All of you think that you can just say anything as long as some fools will agree with you.
What is that Wall, or Barrier protecting the Truth from Lies? -- GUESS WHAT! -- Song of Solomon 8:10 KJV – That’s the Lord’s Bride / the Lamb’s Wife, - the Church, the Body of Christ. ---- Revelation 21:2 KJV – That’s the Lord’s Bride / the Lamb’s wife, the Church, the Body of Christ. ---- Revelation 21:9-10 KJV – That’s the Lord’s Bride / the Lamb’s wife, the Church, the Body of Christ. ------ You can’t believe that because God said it! – God also said this, - Revelation 22:14-15 KJV ---- Therefore, everything I’ve presented here is a lie if God speaks the untruth, and therefore, you have access to the Truth and teach it. But you do not have access to the Truth, even if you and all your brethren think they are of God. YOU’RE NOT.

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