Why Homosexuality MUST Be Recriminalized! Part 5

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So CW not getting the answer he wanted to his little scenario is off digging a new goal post to try and get it. I myself am getting bored, fun as this has been, it is getting just boring and repetitive. I'm done, for now, I leave CW with his little list of villains, numbers, and stereotypes and go back to the real world for now.

May you be poor in misfortune,
Rich in blessings,
Slow to make enemies,
quick to make friends,
But rich or poor, quick or slow,
May you know nothing but happiness
From this day forward. Fare Well.

Time to go spread your lies elsewhere Kit? Thanks for coming over to TOL and doing exactly what I expected you to do.

I hope that I've made you aware of how troubled you are and your need to repent and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

I'll pray for you Kit, because with God, all things are possible!
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A few pages back, while talking about the homosexual founded North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), Kit the Coyote downplayed the pedophile/pederast organization by saying things like

… I gather they aren't even publishing anymore other than an historical web site.

and this
Prior restraint ALREADY applies to NAMBLA, if they were to publish child porn, for example, they would be shut down.

While I didn't want to talk about the child pornography industry (which was legal in Sweden several decades ago thanks to homosexual activists:

In 1971, a new law was passed which made it legal to buy, sell, and possess child, animal, and violent pornography in Sweden... According to the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (RFSU), Swedish attitudes towards child pornography were extremely liberal at the time.
Citing “the child’s right to sexuality”, the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights (Riksförbundet för sexuellt likaberättigande – RFSL) launched a 'paedophile working group' to lobby for lighter sentences for sex crimes against minors and for a lower age of consent.


I should have pointed out that there is an epidemic here in the US (and throughout the world) even in professional fields like academia and medicine when it comes to child pornography (i.e. rape).

Doctors Trading in Child Rape

Professors & Staff Arrested for Trading in Child Rape



Secret Monsters: Dr. Richard Keller, a 56-year-old father of a two year old and a pediatric endocrinologist at Boston Children’s Hospital and pediatrics instructor at Harvard Medical School, was arrested, 13 September 2012, on child porn charges. He was Medical Director at Phillips Academy (alumni include George H.W. and George W. Bush) for 19 years before suddenly resigning, having possessed over 100 DVDs of child sex abuse. See Dr. Hanrahan’s list of convicted pedophile “doctors trading in child rape.”

Christian Liberty

Well-known member
Welcome back Jr. The majority of Part 2 (which wasn't saved in the TOL archives, but I do have notes galore on it) was dedicated to exposing Libertarianism, which you adamantly defended.

I did a quick search of some of your comments in part 3 and came up with this from the table of contents:

More quotes from the Jr. Libertarian (aka Christian Liberty) : "...[disclaimer], I don't think exposing one's genitals in the presence of children is just cause to lock them up, [disclaimer]. It isn't actually a physical threat..."; page 16, post #233


To which I replied:

Quote: Originally posted by aCultureWarrior

Jr. thinks these type of things should be legal: (picture of a naked male walking past a scared little boy at a 'gay' pride parade).

Welcome back Jr. You're a goldmine, i.e. a Persephone66 without the cheap makeup and nylons (I'm giving the kid the benefit of the doubt here).


While I know that you and your TOL allies would just love to change the subject from Kit the Coyote defending child molesters, I'm going to wait until Kit returns (if he does) with a reply to my earlier post before going on to further discussions.

I wouldn't stand by those comments that you quote from me in part 3. I no longer agree with them. I also was not reading the whole thread, and so had no idea what I may or may not be derailing.


I wouldn't stand by those comments that you quote from me in part 3. I no longer agree with them. I also was not reading the whole thread, and so had no idea what I may or may not be derailing.

You were a hardcore Ron Paul Libertarian and then jumped on the Christian Reconstructionism movement bandwagon. I never did figure out how Gary North got hooked up with Ron Paul.

In any event, if you've changed your philosophy again, go ahead and tell us what it currently is.


As we learned from reading

300 Articles You Have to Read to Understand the Term ‘Homofascism’

many of those incidents covered in this 5 part thread, the gaystapo isn't tolerant when it comes to opposing views. Brian Camenker at MassResistance, Peter LaBarbera at Americans For Truth About Homosexuality as well as two others recently found out.

MassResistance website taken down by web hosting company after "complaints" by homosexual activist – a convicted sex offender.

HostGator Shutdown of ‘AFTAH Censored’ Site Continues – Also Closes Down MassResistance Site after Adam Flanders Complaint


Homosexual activist/convicted sex offender Adam Flanders

As MassResistance says:

Make no mistake. These attacks on the MassResistance and the other websites are only the beginning of a coming larger wave of website takedowns by the Left and particularly the LGBT movement. They know that the Internet companies are virtually all run by liberals and cowardly to boot.


With India recently in the news for decriminalizing homosexuality (there will without a doubt be a flood of foreign homosexuals traveling to India to pay for the 'companionship' of sexually confused 12 year old boys),

India Supreme Court ruling decriminalizes homosexuality

I thought that I'd talk about one of India's most famous homosexuals incestuous bisexuals (I'm surprised that Kit the Coyote didn't mention him in his parade of famous homosexuals). I've seen numerous pictures of him in the media today, and after some research found out that Mohandas Gandhi was born on Oct. 2.

The next time you hear how great Gandhi was, remember that besides being friendly towards mass murderer Adolf Hitler, that Gandhi left his wife and 4 sons for a German-Jewish bodybuilder named Hermann Kallenbach (I won't speculate what Gandhi and Kallenbach did with Vaseline and cotton).



Gandhi and Kallenbach


I want to spend some time talking about a true hero in the conservative/traditional family values movement: Robert Oscar Lopez.

Mr. Lopez, who is an EX bisexual (the "B" in the LGBT acronym), raised by two lesbians, is close to being at the top of the LGBTQ HATE list* because he has left homosexuality behind and is a devout activist.

Here is an article by Lopez talking about what it was like

Growing Up With Two Moms: The Untold Children’s View

*Don't take my word for it, just ask the Human Rights Campaign (founded by pederast Terry Bean).


More articles from Robert Oscar Lopez coming up....


There's a ton of videos out there by Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez. Here's a 5+ minute one that pretty much sums up his experience with the homosexual movement for speaking the truth about homosexuality and the 'gay' agenda.


Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Matthew 5:10

That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.
2 Corinthians 12:10

If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.
John 15:18


Robert Oscar Lopez wrote a good article entitled

Christians Who Oppose Conversion Therapy Need a Reality Check

In the article Lopez talked about 3 people who had same sex attractions and state that they believe in Christ: Rosaria Butterfield, Same Allberry and Jackie Hill Perry (I praised Perry in earlier threads for leaving homosexuality behind).

While it could debated if Butterfield and Allberry are indeed followers of Christ (the Alchetron page classes Butterfield with Matthew Vines and Alan Chambers:


and Allberry's group says things like this: 1) If gay or same-sex attracted people do need counselling or psychotherapy, it isn't because they are gay or same-sex attracted.
http://www.livingout.org/does-living-out-support-gay-cure-or-conversion-therapy )

I want to take issue with Jackie Hill Perry's misinformed perspective.

From Lopez's article:

Perry, who used to be a lesbian but is now married to a man and has two daughters, warns that the "heterosexual gospel" is problematic because it "tends to put more emphasis on marriage as the goal of the Christian life than on knowing Jesus."
"What the gay community needs to hear is not that God will make them straight, but that Christ can make them his," she continues.
"Someone trying to pursue heterosexuality and not Christ is just as far from a right standing with God as someone actively pursuing homosexuality. They have put their faith in a new 'orientation' rather than in knowing the living God."

While I had this very same discussion with my good friend Pete, Lopez states pretty much what I had to say to Pete when we had a discussion on reparative/conversion therapy:

Jackie Hill Perry conflates people who want to become heterosexual with people who "want to pursue heterosexuality and not Christ." If someone is suffering in homosexuality, I bring glory to God by helping him out of it even if the person is not yet ready to confess belief in Christ. My charity may endear them to my God, and their better life may leave them more capable of drawing near to Jesus Christ later.

Amen Robert, amen.

I'm thinking of a suicide analogy:

If someone were standing on a bridge railing ready to jump to their death, would it be appropriate to tell them not to jump, but ONLY if they profess their belief in Christ?

Of course not. By helping that confused soul off of that bridge railing, they very well might be more open when I later say:

"Christ has a better way, let me help you find it."


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Back on page 51 I created 3 posts showing good reasons why conservatives (not Libertarians, but real conservatives) should be very concerned about Donald the Degenerate Trump's nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court Justice.

Liberal Law Professor in New York Times: Brett Kavanaugh is a Great Supreme Court Pick

Brett Kavanaugh on the Issues: Abortion, Guns, Climate and More

Kavanaugh on Obamacare, etc.

Needless to say, Mitch McConnell and the Republicrat Establishment are smiling bigtime right now with Kavanaugh being confirmed yesterday.

My question to you diehard Trump supporters out there is this:

When does this "swamp draining" thing begin?


As promised: A review of Donald Trump's pro homosexual history, past and present:

Donald Trump’s More Accepting Views on Gay Issues Set Him Apart in G.O.P.

April 22, 2016

Elton John and his longtime boyfriend, David Furnish, entered a civil partnership on Dec. 21, 2005, in England under a law the country had just enacted granting recognition to same-sex couples. The congratulations poured in as the two men appeared at a joyous ceremony at Windsor Guildhall, amid a crush of paparazzi. Donald J. Trump, who had known the couple for years, took to his blog to express his excitement.
“I know both of them, and they get along wonderfully. It’s a marriage that’s going to work,” Mr. Trump wrote, adding: “I’m very happy for them. If two people dig each other, they dig each other.”

… But Mr. Trump is far more accepting of sexual minorities than his party’s leaders have been. On Thursday, he startled some Republicans by saying on NBC’s “Today” show that he opposed a recently passed North Carolina law that prohibits people from using public bathrooms that do not correspond to the gender they were born with, striking down a Charlotte ordinance. Transgender people should “use the bathroom they feel is appropriate,” Mr. Trump said, putting him at odds with a majority of Republicans in North Carolina.

… “He will be the most gay-friendly Republican nominee for president ever,” said Gregory T. Angelo, the president of the Log Cabin Republicans, a group that supports gay rights.

… His history with the gay community is a long one. He donated to charities focused on the AIDS crisis in the late 1980s and early ’90s. In 2000, when he briefly considered running for president, he gave an interview to The Advocate, a gay magazine, in which he supported amending the 1964 Civil Rights Act to “include a ban of discrimination based on sexual orientation.”
“It would be simple. It would be straightforward,” Mr. Trump said in the interview, adding, “It’s only fair.”

…“I live in New York. I know many, many gay people. Tremendous people,” Mr. Trump said in an interview in 2011.

...He has been playful at times, such as in 2000, when he and Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani appeared in a skit for a political roast, during which Mr. Trump nuzzled and caressed the mayor, who was dressed in drag.


… Mr. Trump was believed to be the first private club owner in Palm Beach, Fla., to admit an openly gay couple, according to Laurence Leamer, the author of “Madness Under the Royal Palms,”...
Rand Hoch, a gay activist who founded the Palm Beach County Human Rights Council in 1988, recalled bringing dates to Mar-a-Lago on two occasions. Both times, he said, Mr. Trump, who loves to play the role of greeter as guests arrive at his club, was pleasant and approached the two for chitchat...

Mr. Wallach said that he and his husband would fly on Mr. Trump’s jet to Florida or Atlantic City on weekends. “I found him to be very friendly to my spouse,” he said. “He would often ask about my spouse, how his dental practice was doing.”
Mr. Trump’s foundation has given over the years to groups like the AIDS Service Center and the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Some of those donations came more recently in connection with his reality television show “The Celebrity Apprentice,” whose winners got to select the recipient charities. But as early as 1987, Mr. Trump made a $25,000 contribution to the Gay Men’s Health Crisis, from profits generated by his company’s operation of the Wollman Memorial Rink in Central Park. And in 1992, the Trump Taj Mahal held an event that raised $60,000 for AIDS research.

… In 2012, Mr. Trump attended the wedding of Jordan Roth, a Broadway producer, and Richie Jackson, in a ceremony at the Al Hirschfeld Theater.
Months later, Mr. Trump went to lunch with the actor George Takei, who is openly gay and was fired by Mr. Trump from “The Celebrity Apprentice.” Mr. Takei approached Mr. Trump at a news conference for the show, saying he would like to try to change his views on letting gay people marry. “He said, ‘George, maybe I could learn something from you,’ ” Mr. Takei said in a telephone interview this week from his home in California.

Let's not forget that as owner of the Miss Universe Pageant, Donald Trump overruled the pageant board and allowed a genitally mutilated man, pretending to be a woman, to compete.

Let's not forget how during the Presidential campaign Donald Trump invited drag queen/transgender activist Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner to use the women's restroom at Trump Tower (Jenner made a YouTube video taking Trump up on his offer).

Let's also not forget that Trump proudly held the LGBTQ flag of death two days before the general election at a rally in Colorado (my avatar is proof).

Next up: What Donald Trump has done for the homosexual movement since being elected POTUS.


Oops! This wasn't supposed to happen.

First U.S. Failure of Truvada as PrEP Is Reported at IDWeek

Oct. 5, 2018

A poster presentation at IDWeek, a yearly conference held by the Infectious Diseases Society of America, revealed that a 21-year-old Latinx man has acquired HIV despite consistently high adherence to pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). This new report is unique for several reasons, primarily because this is the first known HIV seroconversion with verified adherence to PrEP in the U.S.
According to the report, the man initiated PrEP through a city health clinic in San Francisco. He was confirmed as HIV negative at the time he started the drug through rapid antibody testing and HIV RNA testing. He returned for follow up visits and was confirmed HIV negative at months three, six, and 10, again by antibody and RNA. Upon return at month 13 in early 2018, he tested HIV negative on a rapid test but positive with 559 copies/mL on an RNA test. A secondary test soon confirmed he was HIV positive with 1544 copies/mL. He was immediately initiated on emtricitabine/tenofovir alafenamide (Descovy), dolutegravir (Tivicay), darunavir (Prezista), and ritonavir (Norvir), ...

Read more: http://www.thebodypro.com/content/81384/first-us-failure-of-truvada-as-prep-is-reported-at.html

In the event readers aren't familiar with Truvada, this commercial has been playing on primetime television for sometime now.


Galatians 6:7




Originally Posted by aCultureWarrior
I see that Donald Trump's newest heartthrob is Kayne West (husband of Hollywood bimbo Kim Kardashian..........

(And now, for an absolutely profound one-liner: )

Still spreading hate aren't you. You're pathetic.

But wait, there's more!

Kanye was born in Atlanta, Georgia but grew up in Chicago after his parents divorced at the age of 3. His mother was a college professor and his father a photojournalist, activist, and Christian counselor so Kanye had a largely middle-class upbringing.1
Kanye is one of rap’s most outspoken, controversial, and (to some) most hated artists. He’s had numerous public outbursts and has then made numerous public apologies.
He’s rejected his Christian upbringing and especially the feeling that he had no choice when it came to religion. He has said:
You’re not given a decision of what religion you want. Your parents just give it to you…I feel like religion is more about separation and judgment than bringing people together and understanding.2
Kanye’s sentiments toward religion have caused some controversy from posing as Jesus on the cover of Rolling Stone to telling journalists in New Zealand that:
No! I don’t wanna ****** be Christ-like. I want to be me-like.3

Insert foot in mouth–again
Politics is just another area where Kanye’s big mouth has gotten him into some trouble. At one point, President Obama even took time away from his busy schedule to call Kanye a “jackass.”4
After Hurricane Katrina decimated the Gulf Coast in 2005, Kanye West played a nationally televised benefit concert in which he gave America his opinion of George Bush’s widely criticized handling of the disaster, saying:
George Bush doesn’t care about black people.5
Even though Kanye later publicly apologized to President Bush–and Bush accepted–the comment created a national debate on the relationship between black America and the largely white power structure.
More recently, as America erupted in protest inspired by the protesters at Occupy Wall Street, Kanye visited the camp at Zucotti Park, lending his star power and support to the left-leaning movement.6 The irony, of course, is that the OWS protestors were rallying against the greed and corruption of America’s wealthiest 1% and Kanye fits comfortably in that category.

Have I mentioned that I love exposing the left, who are now pretending to be 'conservative'?

On a bright note: If Donald the degenerate should end up getting impeached, you can always look forward to President Kayne West.


https://www.troab.com/postImages/2017/12/kanye west for president_20171218090137.jpg


Syndicated columnist Selwyn Duke (and others) have addressed their concern about the violent rhetoric that has been building up to a boiling point for the past few years between the democrats and the republicans.

To Deal with Leftists, Imagine You’re Confronting Satan


Syndicated columnist Selwyn Duke

Oct. 10, 2018

If you’re a conned-servative who gets sand thrown in his eyes, his kneecaps kicked off and slashed with a broken bottle and then still fights the next time by Queensberry rules, this article isn’t for you. But if you’re disturbed by the Left’s behavior these last years and want to know how to handle these people whose “mask has been dropping,” understand this: Behind that mask is the Devil.
If you’re not a person of faith, view this as a thought exercise. But it’s one connedservatives — those nice guys who always finish last — had better embrace fast. Because the behavior of what we call today’s “Left” and what Satan would prescribe are virtually identical...
Read more: http://www.selwynduke.com/

Here's my response to Duke's article:

Quote: Posted by aCultureWarrior
As seekers of the truth and nothing but the truth, you and I both know that the conservative movement is no longer conservative Selwyn, as even evanjellyfish so-called Christians have been conned into supporting a President who amongst other things has been a strong supporter of the LGBTQ culture of death movement and supported Planned Parenthood by signing legislation fully funding the baby butchers 5 times in his first 16 months in office. The conservative movement has accepted godless Libertarians (and even some democrats) into their ranks and redefined the principles of true conservatism (which come from the Holy Bible). Do I care that the Hillary Clinton Left is attacking the Donald Trump Left? (in this day and age one must be clear when talking about the Left). Do I care that evil is attacking evil? I couldn't pay for this kind of entertainment Selwyn. Someone pass me the popcorn!:popcorn:


Originally Posted by aCultureWarrior
.....Donald the degenerate.....

Says the sick hate-monger obsessed with homosexuals

I must say CC that your one-liners are getting more profound with each post that you write.

Now why don't you put that college degree from the University of Wisconsin/Madison to work and attempt to defend the policies of Donald the Degenerate Trump i.e. "But but but he's still better than Hillary!"

Or my favorite:

"If society criminalizes homosexuality it will have to criminalized the consumption of catfish!"

Or perhaps that college degree taught you to know your limitations when it comes to defending evil?


As I mentioned before: People with HIV/AIDS (those who engage in homosexuality disproportionately contract HIV/AIDS) aren't dying from HIV/AIDS they're dying from HIV/AIDS related diseases (Kaposi sarcoma, etc.)

People With HIV Are Increasingly Diagnosed With Cancer for a Second Time

Oct. 9, 2018

People with HIV are increasingly being diagnosed with a non-AIDS-defining cancer for a second time, Reuters Health reports.

Publishing their findings in The Lancet HIV, researchers analyzed diagnoses of what are known as primary cancers among 22,600 people who were diagnosed with HIV when they were 16 years old or older in San Francisco between 1990 and 2010. A diagnosis of a primary cancer specifies a novel malignancy, as opposed to cancer that spread from another source.

The study authors referred to the California Cancer Registry for data on primary cancers diagnosed among the cohort members between 1985 and 2014. They identified 4,144 primary cancers that were the individual’s first diagnosis of cancer, 372 second primary cancers, 26 third primary cancers and three primary cancers that were a fourth or greater diagnosis of cancer.

Fourteen first primary cancers on the list were more commonly diagnosed among people with HIV compared with diagnosis rate among the general population—including by a factor of 127-fold for Kaposi sarcoma, 17.2-fold for non–Hodgkin lymphoma, 8-fold for invasive cervical cancer, 46.7-fold for anal cancer, 13.3-fold for vulvar cancer, 10.4-fold for Hodgkin lymphoma and 4.2-fold for eye and orbit cancer.

Compared with the general population, the diagnosis rate for second primary cancers was higher by a factor of 28-fold for Kaposi sarcoma, 17-fold for anal cancer, 11.1-fold for non–Hodgkin lymphoma, 5.4-fold for Hodgkin lymphoma and 3.6-fold for liver cancer.

During the study period, the diagnosis rate in the HIV population of both first and second primary cancers that were AIDS-defining declined. Meanwhile, the diagnosis rate of second primary cancers that were non-AIDS-defining increased.

Read more: https://www.poz.com/article/people-hiv-increasingly-diagnosed-cancer-second-time

"28-fold for Kaposi sarcoma" means HIV infected people are 28 times, or 2,800% more likely to have this specific cancer than the general population.


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