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Hi to all and in Acts 1:5 it reads , For John indeed BAPTIZED ( with ) Water , but you will be BAPTIZED with Holy Spirit not many days after !!

#1 , The first Greek verb is BAPTIZED / BAPTIZO and is in the Greek AORIST TENSE , ACTIVE VOICE and in the INDICATIVE MOOD !!

#2 , The Indicative Mood means verse 5 is a FACT !!

#3 The ACTIVE VOICE means that God is going to do the ACTION !!

#4 But the AORIST TENSE places the action during the apostles time or Jesus ministry !!

The second Greek word BAPTIZED / BAPTIZO is in the Greek FUTURE TENSE , PASSIVE VOICE and Indicative Mood !!

#1 , The Indicative Mood means that verse 5 is a FACT !!

#2 , The passive means someone else is doing the ACTION wich is the God !!

#3 Why is the FUTURE TENSE used , because there is a NEAR VIEW and a FAR VIEW !

#4 In Acts 10:47 , we the change with Cornelius with Holy Spirit coming first !!

#5 The NEAR VIEW is also being shown in Heb 6:4 and verse 5 , NO MORE REPENTANCE , being written to the JESUS followers !!

#6 The FAR VIEW is ti those Jews , during the first 3 1/2 years of the TIME called JACOBS TROUBLE and those verse are found in Mark 16:15-18 , especially to those who want to be SNAKE HANDLERS , if you lve that LONG !!

I forgot to say that they would be baptized with HOLY SPIRIT and notice it does not read WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT as the Greek ARTICLE ( THE ) is not used , and that means it the POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT to perform SIGN AND WONDERS by those jews during Jacbs Yrouble !!

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