Who is the Witness?


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Blasphemy gets spoken of occasionally by those who are doing the Blaspheming while they are expressing their great wisdom about Blasphemy. This people can’t open their mouths about Christ or God without Blaspheming Him. – 2 Corinthians 12:4 KJV – “He was caught up into Paradise, and (( heard unspeakable words, which it is not lawful for “a man” to utter )). – (( What were those unspeakable words Paul heard ))?? – ( THE GOSPEL ); it was the “Gospel” that Paul heard, and it’s the “Gospel” that is unlawful for any man to speak, or attempt to speak. - The natural man has not the Truth of the Gospel in order to speak it!!! – Therefore, when any fool attempts to witness for Jesus, or God, he mocks the Prophets of Christ in witnessing for something that the fool has not “seen” or witnessed. – So now tell me and the others that you don’t understand me because I’m yelling, or for any other reason!!

Who is it that “can” witness, or speak for Christ or God?? - WHO?? - Not the Fool!! Then who?? Witness, or to be a Witness, can only be done “IF” one has “Witnessed” or “Seen” Christ or God; - no one else has the right to even speak of them without full Knowledge of whom you are speaking, - or you are a “False Witness” of Christ and God!! - Make full proof of the doctrine by being an “Eye Witness” of God!! – Who do you think has the Knowledge to speak of God in any teaching when the Scriptures are for (( Your Learning ))? – You have learned “Nothing”!!

(( God )) is the only One / Person who is qualified, or has the right to speak of, or for Himself; no one else without “Blaspheming” the Name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost!!!

God is the only one who is ordained to speak for Himself, through Himself, and by Himself!! – And today we hear wise fools speaking as though they live with Christ, in the House with God, and eat His food, and then SAY!! – “((( ~we await for our lord’s arrival~ )))”. Thank God For Hell!!!! ( Double tongued Fools )!! --- Prove me wrong!!!

What fool would look around himself, and see and hear all the different doctrines that are in division of people called ~churches~, and turn right around and repeat it??? – Can’t any of you discern, or understand the doctrines of the devil?? And that the Devil will and does speak for himself, through himself, and by himself?? -- When any of you see or hear anything spoken of Jesus or the Father, (((( It is either God speaking, or Satan speaking ))))!!!!! – Speaking through / “through / “THROUGH” one of his, - or His own!!! --- How blind and deaf can one be, and still get away with it???
This world of religions is SOO far removed from what is intended of Christ, - it’s pathetic!!!!!

Paul – 062712