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Hi to all and what is going to be written , will not go over well for some , but here we go !

Here is what 1 Cor 2:15 and 16 mean and there are not many who will agree !

But the spiritual ones Indeed Investigate all Things , YET he is being Investigated by NO ONE .

Verse 16 , For who Knew ( the ) Lord's Mind ? who will Instruct Him ?

But we have ( the ) MIND OF CHRIST .

#1 , The KJV uses the word " JUDGETH " but a better translation uses the " DECHOMAI /INVESTIGATES " means to Examines all things and that Paul says that Dispensationalist do Examine and use 2 tim 2:15 !

And to INVESTIGATE is in the Continuous Present Tense of Investigating .

#2 , There are more verb tenses and am going with the last verb used by the KJV , " DISCERNED or Not INVESTIGATED by No one or can be Examined by no one

Why is that ?

Because we " HAVE / ECHO " the MIND of CHRIST which is in the Present Tense and means we always have the MIND of CHRIST which means we always have Christ Dwelling with in all believers who are " in Christ " or OSAS !

#3 , If you follow what Paul has WRITTEN by the Holy Spirit and it's whole some words, keeps us with Paul and not Peter .

Many will call me names , so what !!

None will nor defeat 1 Cor 2:15-16 and why many say we are always RIGHT , and Boastful , but as Paul said that we can ONLY boast in the Cross of Christ , and preach Eph 3:9 to make all see what is the Dispensation of the MYSTERY .

#4 All others are Enemies of the Cross of Christ , Phil 3:17-19 who mind earthy THINGS .