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Hi to all and many so-called believers do not understand Acts or what Paul is meaning EVEN when the Holy Spirit had Paul write in the Bible !!

Acts 11:3 reads Saying that you went in to men Having Uncircumcision and ATE with them !!

What do we see in this verse ?

#1 , A Jew was not to eat with Gentiles , it was forbidden !!

#2 , Since it is in the PRESENT TENSE we know that Peter is talking to men under the LAW !!

#3 , So all should see two DIFFERENT groups here Jews and GENTILES , does that ring a bell ??

#4 So here we that Gentiles are called UN-CIRCUMCISION !!

#5 Jews are called CIRCUMCISION !!

That is why in Gal 2:7 Paul's gospel is called " THE GOSPEL OF UN-CIRCUMCISION "

please notice it is called " the Greek Article is used " THE " and when the Greek Article is used it points to THE GOSPEL OF GRACE or The MYSTERY OR UN-circumcision a SPECIFIC GOSPEL !!

Peter's message in Gal 2:7 is called " GOSPEL OF CIRCUMCISION " and the Greek Article " THE " is not used and it differentiates between the two !!

We see in Eph 2:11 explains UN-circumcision and Circumcision !!

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