ECT what 1 PETER 1:10 SAYS ??


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Hi to all and since many believe that there kis ONLY one gospel and that Peter and Paul preached the same message is FALSE !!

I Peter 1:10 reads , Of which salvation the Prophets have inquired and searched Diligently of Grace unto them !!

I left out " THAT SHOULD COME " maby I P and all will see that they are in ITALIC and were added to the Greek text and are not in the Original text !!

The second point is that PROPHESIED GRACE in NOT the Dispensation of the Grace of God !!

The verbs in 1 Peter are in the PAST TENSE or what in Greek called the AORIST TENSE and this verse speaks to the O T , got that , so 1 Peter is written to Jews < pure and simple !!

This is my short answer and who were these prophets , also means it was to be Prophesied but PRNTECOSTALS will never believe Paul as the are all UN-LEARNED and TWIST the word to their own Destruction 2 Peter 3:16 !!

This also means that their are at least 2 gospels , but I can show that their are 6 !!



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do you know that you can reply to an existing thread instead of starting a new one?

Hi and when I do what you ask , my reply gets lost in that OP !!

Have you noticed how many read thsi OP , not many nor do I expect it to gat many more replies!!

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