Ted L Glines

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I had a dream. One day (maybe the Eighth Day), God got curious and decided to go see some of the things He had created. So He grabbed His tools and skated off through the universe. God looked at this and that. Over here, he saw something which looked pretty cool. Over there, God saw something which was very cool. And He spotted something else which was way-cool. "Wow!" He said. And then God came upon a little bitty insignificant planet, and what did His eyes see? On this dumb little planet, things were wriggling. Things were flying and walking and running and jumping and slithering and swimming and burrowing in the ground. And one of the things killed another of the things. So much wriggling. God could not believe His eyes. So God whipped out his can of Celestial Raid and "Pssssssssssstttttt" took care of THAT problem. God continued on His tour, shaking His head.

So, the next time you get your ego tied in a knot, and you start mumbling about how God is all about YOU, remember that this dream might have been ... a ... vision ...