True Christianity that created and saved a one billion nation.



Gandhi cancelled his baptism due to a nasty demonstration of ‘faith-save’ doctrine. One of his ‘Christian’ friends tried to prove it by committing a heinous sin (anti-love action) and asserting that he is still saved. They believe that rituals and vocal assertion means that one has saving faith. Actions can’t save!

But common sense of Gandhi told that wage of sin is spiritual death. It destroys the soul by disintegrating love-bond joining the soul-parts together. But this diabolical deception of ‘faith save’ doctrine was already at work in Europe and specially in Germany fostering fascism. It caused two world wars and is going to a third.

So Gandhi disliked missionaries who propagated that doctrine, which is anti-Christian in fact. But thousands of true follower of Christ, European and their follower Indian social workers, reformers, educationists, medical missionaries, dutiful civilians, female emancipators etc. were at work in building the new Indian nation that never existed before. Gandhi was the best among them exemplifying true Christianity in life and death. He was the most crucial Indian acceptable to humble Indian and people of modern context. He represented the Christian truth foreign to India, that by self-sacrificing for others one lives. His life of Christ-like poverty, non-violence, simplicity and menial labor was translation of Christianity in Indian and modern context. If accepted these would have stopped the terminal global pollution and poisoning of the world. So Einstein said “the future generation would scarcely believe that such one actually lived in flesh and blood”. That could be applied to Christ too.

Gandhi’s martyrdom actually saved the new Indian nation and still saving many worldwide. Then India was almost disintegrating by riots among Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs. Police and military were overwhelmed. Besides they were polluted by communal mentality too. Only Gandhi and his million followers were effective in promoting communal amity. Still they couldn’t stop the escalating riots massacring and uprooting millions.

Old Gandhi ran to and fro to spots of riots and it stopped immediately for the time being. His instrument was poverty, fasting and prayer which had miraculous effect. But when he ran to another spot, riots flared back again. Hopelessly it seemed that the newborn Indian nation was dying.

But India was saved by his blood at the moment Gandhi was assassinated by Hindu fanatics. Then whole India was mourning and numerous died in heart-attack by grief. His numerous followers in all communities resolved to die like him to stop riot at all cost. Within hours of his death such an eerie peace descended on this subcontinent that no government could achieve. Christ also saves in this way.