Till Death Do Ye Part:


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“Until death do ye part”. - Though those words are not written, or found in the Word of God, they are still the general idea of what Death is. Thus making all thinking creatures “married”, in that a person’s Soul is married to the flesh, or to the body, and death separates the two from the marriage. – (( However )), the important question is, (( What “Soul” is married to (( your )) flesh )), or body?? – Everyone is either married to Christ’s Soul, or married to the Devil’s soul, they are the only two Souls that we all choose to unite to, or be married to!! – There are no other Souls that anyone can be married to, (( just those two )). ---- (((( HOWEVER )))), The Wife of a man who has the Soul of Christ, if She marries that man, she is truly marrying Christ’s Soul ((( ALSO ))); ( BUT ) if the woman chooses to marry the man who has the Soul of the Devil, God does not unite, or have anything to do with that (( Marriage ))!! - That marriage is ordained by the Devil, or Satan!!!!!!

Just in case you don’t know what a Soul is! - A Soul is a “BODY”, and there are two Spiritual Bodies. - One is the Spiritual “Body of Christ”; the Body that Jesus gave to us, and the World rejected it, because it is the Lord’s Body. - And there is the body of the lost, - the Devil’s body, or the body of Satan. – Those are Spiritual bodies, or spiritual Souls. --- Adam was formed a Carnal Soul, not having a Spiritual Soul. – That’s what Jesus Christ is ( All About )!!!
The Spiritual Heavenly Soul only began to “Truly Exist” at the coming of Christ the final time to (( unite with the saved )) giving them a Living Soul after destroying the old carnal satanic soul of the devil, replacing it with the Bride, the Church / now the Wife of Christ, now the Christians!!! -- That is again, the marriage of the body to ((( The Soul of God ))) which is Christ, - Jesus’ anointed Body, or Soul!! – (( Prove that wrong – Geniuses ))!!!

Souls were formed, or created eternal beings, but sin, which is corruption, or spiritual “Adultery”, (( Adulterated )) the “Marriage” of the souls, slaying them, - or they died to God, and were separated from God.

((( Man teaches ))) that he is, or has been reunited with the “Soul of God”, and he (((( “Still waits ))))” for the marriage, or the uniting of the Soul and Body!! ((( FOOLS ))!! – The fools don’t even know what the Soul, or the marriage is!! --- Well, - I just told you; SOO now you have something else to ( reject ) that is stated in a different way, and (( is still )) the same thing!!

Paul – 070912