The Setterfield Cosmology with Joe Spears Part IV


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This is the show from Friday, November 18th, 2022


*Constants & Plasma Cosmology: RSR welcomes back Joe Spears and Doug McBurney to look further into the Setterfield Plasma Cosmology, and why the “constants” of physics might not appear to be so constant.”

*20 Reasons to Question Plate Tectonics: Fred previews his Galley Copy of Ellen McHenry’s eye opening new book examining the history and problems with modern Plate Tectonics Theory.

*Professor Duh: He calls himself “Professor Dave” on youtube, and he claims to debunk an electromagnetic origin of the universe. But he appears to be just a failed Chemistry grad student, who eventually secured a "higher" degree in the pseudo-scientific field of “science education” and now streams from his mom’s basement yelling about the God he claims doesn’t exist.

*The Electric Sky: Learn about the book that Donald Scott, PhD (an actual professor) wrote on electromagnetism, the universe and plasma cosmology for the general public.

*Faulkner Finds Fault: Joe Spears takes on one of our favorite young earth astronomers (Danny Faulkner’s) criticisms of Dr. Scott’s book, (and plasma cosmology in general).

*Astronomies in Collision: Creationists only have a couple of marquee names in astrophysics & astronomy, (Jason Lisle and Danny Faulkner, both friends of and past guests on RSR). And they both criticize, (or perhaps simply misunderstand) plasma cosmology. Joe Spears responds. We welcome Faulkner and Lisle’s comments on this series!

*One Funeral at a Time: Max Planck famously said words to the effect of “science advances one funeral at a time.” And pride can certainly inform our biases. But if the Most High God can humble Himself to the point of coming to earth in the form of the man Jesus Christ, suffering and dying to save us; can we follow His example and humble ourselves? We hope and pray we can.