The Mystery of the Pyramids


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This is the show from Friday, August 25th, 2023


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With Doug on assignment, Ryan Williams joins Fred in studio to consider the mysteries of the Pyramids.

*News Alert - Walt Brown beats NASA again: Kevin’s Lea’s HPT prediction of a boulder storm proves true. As reported in DailyMail, “Boulder storm 'as deadly as Hiroshima' accidentally unleashed by NASA during test to change the trajectory of an asteroid”.

*Man’s Past Ingenuity: Fred & Ryan review the genius of ancient man.

*The Pyramids and the Tower of Babel: Anne Habermehl’s ICC presentation linking the world's pyramids and ziggurats to the Tower of Babel is further boosted by a listener's compelling email connecting the Pyramids to revelation.

*Pyramid Questions considered: Were the Great Pyramids of Giza power plants? Did slaves build the pyramids? Did aliens build the pyramids?