The Man in the Moon Part III


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This is the show from Friday, July 21st, 2023


*Creationists on the Moon: Pick one: Spencer, Brown, Oard or Faulkner; each of these giants of Creation Science have offered theories and models that include thoughts on why the moon looks the way it does. All are valuable. We discuss their strengths and weaknesses.

*1st Hydroplate Conference: The First Creationist Hydroplate Conference: September 21-23, 2023. Join Fred, Doug and an “A-List” of RSR favorites for the first conference on Creation and Hydroplate Theory Science! Attend virtually by registering today at:

*Enceladus & Walt Brown: Recent evidence gathered by Cassini from Saturn's moon Enceladus suggests the presence of phosphorus, a mineral common on.... wait for it... EARTH!!

Models, Miracles & Mechanisms: Fred & Doug discuss the validation and the plausibility of models, the trigger for the flood, and why extra-biblical miracles limit the reach of creationist theories among the heathen.