The inner Christ:

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Let me make something clear, - We all, whether we are saved or lost, have our God within us. Both you and I are of different doctrines, proving that we are of different Gods. The God / Christ whom I worship, said only the things that are written in the Scriptures and NOTHING. ELSE. – Furthermore, the Spirit of the Word is also found within the Scripture, hidden from the lost. The Spirit of the Word are the hidden, or secrets and mysteries of God. Only the Christian can receive them, the Lost or the natural man cannot. -- The lost have their god, - the god of the world in their heart, and the things the lost do and say in the Spirit; is their god saying and doing it; not the flesh. It comes from the heart, where the Devil dwells within them.
It’s the same with the Christian. Christ dwells within the Christian and the Christian walks in the things the Lord says / the Word / the Light. - In that we know that it’s the Lord that says and does the things the Christian is doing; not the flesh, but He who is in the heart of the Christian, the inner man, the Jew inwardly. -- Now, I’m not talking about anything said or done that is not of the Spirit, such as shopping, or talking about fishing with a friend. However, when the lost or we are (as it’s said), “in the Spirit”, then the things we do or say are in the Spirit. - Either in the Spirit of Christ, or in the Spirit of the Devil. No one can do or say anything out of the Spirit, while IN the Spirit of the Devil or of Christ.

If I blaspheme you for the doctrine you teach, I’m blaspheming your god, not your flesh. Only he who is in your heart / temple; where dwells your god / the Devil if you’re among the Lost, and walk in the darkness or the false doctrine that I just blasphemed. - Because the things that you may be teaching are the words of your god, not the Words of my God or Christ. Your words are your god; the same as the Words I teach are my God or Christ.
Some of you seem to think I’m too spiritual, and blaspheme ME for it, when it’s He who is in me, who is the Spirit of Truth. ---- Am I out of the Word of God now, or am I to Spiritual minded for some of you? ---- It’s not I that do it, but Christ that is in me that says and does. The same as the lost; and there, the Devil says and does.

Most of you think you are harming me when you’re being sarcastic and hateful, at least it’s your desire to harm me, but it’s my Lord that you are blindly trying to crucify again. --- As long as I can stand before my Lord and defend him against the fiery darts (spoken of), of your god, from your heart, I will stand, and will not be moved by the Lost.

Let me make it perfectly clear. – When you and I, - and we are of different Gods and different Christs. - When I speak, it’s my Christ speaking from my heart, the same as your Christ or God speaks from your heart. In our case, the Gods speak different doctrines and contradict with each other, whereby we know they are different Gods. Therefore, you and I cannot be brothers of different Fathers, I of my Father, and you of your father. We are neither brothers nor neighbors, in the Spirit, but may be friends in the flesh while fishing. Not while in the Spirit, we are enemies in the Spirit. --- If you cannot come to grips with what I’m saying, you will continue in the ways of your father.
John 8:44 KJV – “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do”. ---- Take it for what you desire! ----- I will do the desire that is in my heart.

Paul – 070710
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