The Body Without Hands!!


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The Body of Christ is and was the “First” Spiritual Body of God ever. – Israel was a “Church”, or “body of the people” of God, - but not a “Spiritual Body” having Eternal Life / Christ, or a people with Spiritual hands and feet under a Law of Faith, but a Carnal Law for a carnal body of people. – That people had hands and fingers, but that’s not what we are talking about!! - I have hands and fingers and that’s not what we are talking about!!

God wrote the Law on the Tablets by His “FINGER” before the Law was given, by the same hand that was with Him before the world was / The Son / the Word that was with Him. ( “And the Word was with Him )”. ---- For the understanding, - the word “hands and fingers” are used the same as the word “Sword” is used for the Word of Truth. - That doesn’t mean God drew forth His Carnal Sword, and it shall “not” return unto Him “VOID”. -- The Sword was “Void” when it was drawn forth, the same as the finger / sword that became the Law, and that finger (( WAS JESUS the CHRIST )). - It’s the same, as Jesus WAS before the World WAS, or HIS FINGERS or SWORD WAS!!! --- ((( Luke 11:20 KJV ))) -------///--- However, none of that is VOID now, because it “Has Returned” to God “Not Void”. --- THUS US!! – We have the Sword of Christ and the hands and feet and eyes of God through Jesus Christ, not void, but IS!! – So we are the Hands and Eyes of God that see in and speak in the darkness for Christ / Our God!!

Look in the Glass / Truth and see yourself face to face with Him that sent you if you’re Christian, if not then the one who sent you, you’ll see as the Devil, or “Darkness / Void / Nothing" is what you’ll see!! – 1 Corinthians 13:12 KJV ---

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