The Blackface Coverup


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The Blackface Coverup

This is the show from Monday, February 5th, 2019


* Late Term Blackface: Listen in to find out why Governor Northam’s infanticide is just the latest act in a long running show, and why advocating for the murder of the innocent at any stage of life should be the outrage that motivates all of us toward abolition.

* Tuck and Roll: Hear a “conservative” and a “liberal” on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” babble over one another in order to avoid the crux of the issue at the heart of the so called “late-term abortion” debate.

* The Least of These: Listen in as Dr. Anthony Levatino describes the act of child killing children before congress, and wonder along with Bob and co-host Doug McBurney about why the Republican officials who occupied all three branches of government did precisely nothing about it.

* The Chinese Space Program Reports to Walt Brown: Even thought it gets more sunlight, the far side of the moon, unexpectedly to NASA and China's space program, is 30 degrees F colder than the near side. As it turns out, the Chinese Space Program also reports to Walt Brown. :) So tune in to find out why the far side is so cold!