the big difference between the boc and Israel .


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There are 2 Greek words that show why Israel and the BOC are different and they are APO and PRO .

#1 Pro means ( Before ) and He chose us for Himself in Him ( before ) the overthrow of the world , Eph 1:4 .

This means that the Mystery was not taught until the salvation of Saul / Paul and this Mystery is written in Col 1:25 and 26 and this gospel excluded water baptism .

#2 Apo means ( From ) as written in Matt 13:35 , I will utter things which have been ( Apo / From ) the foundation of the world .

but Israel included , Atonement beginning in Gen 3:21 , also included repentance and the 613 Laws of Moses

This is the dividing line between the boc and Israel .

#3 and 2 Tim 2:15 has to applied to understand all scripture .

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