Thanks Congress for $445M on junk thinking by NPR


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Today's NPR afternoon broadcast is exhaustingly mindless. Of course, it was just PR for the march tomorrow. After 2 mins introducing her topic (the need for the march), the host asked a Florida shooting student how he felt about hearing his voice on tape. In fact, she asked him about his feelings then and his feelings now, because she's a really great reporter, yeah.

The objective here is to get answers to stopping this people. Not more feelings of the students. Students don't have answers. Adults are supposed to. Adults are not supposed to emotionally blindside students into telling them to march as though marching was an answer.

Then NPR put this gem side by side with a 1963 children's march against segregation. NPR gets an F for finding common themes!

The paradox here is that twice this week, in Maryland and France, we had answers. Actually there was an answer in Florida as well--the transparent handbags--if secularism is really going to admit through those handbags that it is totally bankrupt about any societal bond that really matters.

The answers from Maryland and France were clever and prepared law enforcement tangling with these guys and firing effective shots. In France, the Gen d'arme gave his cell phone to a buddy right before going in so the rest of the swat had a live source of info on what was happening. God bless him and heal him from his critical condition now, but he did put the Islamic terrorist down, and he saved all but 2 people in that store.

THOSE ARE ANSWERS. The 445M just spent to keep NPR going is CRAP.