Tasty Cherry

Ted L Glines

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Tasty Cherry
by Ted L Glines

From waters cold and deep and dark
I come swimming -- what a lark,
just a child of nature playing,
always passing -- never staying
like my kin from olde Loch Nessie,
and you may call me Tahoe Tessie.

Spotted a sailboat having some fun
so I cruised right in -- made me a run,
raised my head and I was thinking
just hear them laughing -- glasses clinking,
they looked up and did not mock,
their mouths dropped open -- utter shock.

Tall tall sail with a picture on it
like some bright ad on a Smirnoff bonnet,
ice-beaded glass with a cherry twist,
I lifted my head and could not resist,
with a mile-wide grin -- forever young,
I gave it a lap with my Tessie tongue.

Sploop I dived -- back down in the water,
back to the den of the dragon's daughter,
it was fun -- I did my duty,
gave them tourists some gossip booty,
gave them boaters their piece of glory;
their place of fame in the Tessie story.

Tell ya what, though, those boaters need a better quality sail.
That canvass gave my tongue a rash.

For those of you who may not be aware, Tahoe Tessie is a well-known phenomenon to those
who live near the beaches of Lake Tahoe, and the tales get taller with each telling. Mythologies are like that.