Some of my favorite homeschooling sites (over the years)


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I've been homeschooling my daughter, now, for seven years. Over the years, I've found a lot of helpful sites for buying curriculum, printing out maps, generating puzzles and math worksheets, etc. I decided that maybe my list of favorites would help some of you who are newer to homeschooling. I may add to this list later. Enjoy!

The Homeschool Mom - I get a monthly newsletter from them. On their site, they have a homeschool planner and organizer, links to lesson plans, unit studies, software downloads, and activity pages, and information for new homeschoolers. This is one of my top five sites when it comes to usefullness. I am also subscribed to their Yahoo!Group where people sell their old curriculum.

Donna Young's Homeschool Printables and Resources - Another of my top five sites. Ms. Young did an absolutely wonderful job with this site! This website contains homeschool forms, printables, and planning helps for those who are educating children. Most of the printables are in adobe acrobat format and require the free acrobat reader. There are also word documents and a few excel files. - I think this is my favorite site out of all of them! I've used this one many times over the years. They have a list of links on their opening page for curriculum and resources. It's fairly easy to navigate, too.

Homeschool Central - This site helped me out in the beginning. The only thing is that it's grown significantly over the last seven years. :chuckle: They have advice to new homeschoolers, state resources (homeschooling groups and laws), and a lot of links to curriculum. Another of my top five.

Diana Waring - What top five list would be complete with Diana's site? :) I love her history curriculum. I also get her newsletter, History Alive.

Amanda Bennett's Unit Studies - I like this site a lot. I've used it a few times. But, we found out fairly early that unit studies aren't the best way to go for us.

The Worksheet Generator - Need I say more? :chuckle: - A good site for homeschooling chats and buying and/or selling used curriculum.

PuzzleMaker - Generates crosswords, word searches, and math puzzles based on your lists. - This site has over 9,000 free worksheets!