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It's a religion. What does that have to do with you trying to conflate American Muslims with Muslims in other countries?
1) I ALREADY gave you a link that 'acquiesced' whether I EVER link to the article or not, that, in point of fact, the statistic exists. You plugging your ears over it? Yeah, not getting points from me OR anybody else. It is dishonest and frankly, makes you look like an uncaring drone. STOP trying to marginalize with a debate tactic. It SHOWS you don't care about facts, just winning at any cost, which I WILL detest and question your love for Christ over. If you are this wicked of a person, I'll trounce you all over TOL for it. If not, stop being inane. The link I gave gives the fact as a given. You doing your graduate work on this? I CAN'T accept you are unaware. I've seen these stats over and over again. So have you. I'm CONVINCED of it so denial gets you nothing. Knock it off. I've MORE than covered my responsibility for the data. More so since I've shown it wouldn't have mattered. You are employing a distraction that just doesn't matter. 1 in 3 attacks in America WILL BE because of Islam. Let me repeat that: One in 3 terrorist attacks IN AMERICA BY AMERICAN Muslims BECAUSE of ISLAM. No magic wand or what REALLY looks like a an uncouth debate 'win on a technicality' looks VERY unconcerned nor loving. Me? I'm hysterical, remember? This is really about which of us loves Jesus and people AND a genuine hope that you weren't so callous as to care for neither. In a nutshell, you DON'T look 'smart' for it. You don't look 'loving' for it. You don't look 'patriotic' for it. You don't look like a Christian for it. So stop it. You CAN'T win looking for an inane technicality that frankly, doesn't matter anyway. YOU gave a link that PROVED 1 in EVERY 3 attacks in America WILL be done by less than 1% of the population FOR Islam. You did. YOU proved it. YOU did! I simply pointed out what YOU proved. NOTHING you can do will remove that because YOU proved it! YOU DID!
Hatred is born of weakness and fear. Never hate your enemies; it makes you easier to beat.
I don't. I am, however, smart and make wise decisions. I COULD give $10 to the bum on the street. Better? Giving to a rescue mission. It is the smarter thing to do. Same here: Vetting a persecuted Christian IS the smarter thing to do. It is also MORE loving because nobody will be harmed. Your way? GUARANTEED 1 in 3 attacks will be increase by percentages BECAUSE you weren't 'smart' with your decisions. I'll take smart love over dumb and ineffective love for a month and more of Sundays.
Those crazy liberals; always inclined to love their enemies.
"Crazy" wasn't the first word that came to mind over it. Dumb. "LESS" loving. Not knowing you can accomplish the same things some OTHER way? Yeah, that's not 'crazy.' I realize Musterion said crazy but it isn't the 'first' word that crossed my mind. I'm trying RATHER to get a liberal to think and DO the RIGHT thing. YOU proved that 1 in 3 attacks will come from less than 1% of the population. What do you want to do? Bring more in! :noway: Okay, "crazy" does come to mind, just not first for me.
"But I say to you, Love your enemies: do good to them that hate you: and pray for them that persecute and calumniate you"
That doesn't mean you have to vet Hitler to come into our country. You 'can' pray for him/them. You can 'do good' without being accommodating or unintelligent about it.
The original bleeding heart liberal, um? He's talking to you, Lon.
It also always bothered me that Lot gave his own daughters. I'm not sure 'smart' is always what we see in the O.T. Being smart AND loving is the aim. We should think of ways to do good things, even for our enemies. I'm VERY happy, with this, you ADMIT that Muslims will be responsible for 1/3 of all atrocities AND that you count them 'enemies' for it. Good on you for at least going this far. Your eyes are being both opened with such admission. :up: We can do whatever after. We don't have to be brilliant but I'd kind of like to try that. He is talking to us both, in point of fact.
I'm just trying to do as He told me. I often fail at being a proper imitation of Christ, but I try.
:up: Let's not just love, but TRY to love the MOST effective way. Galatians 6:9 "If" we are going to follow the Lord Jesus Christ, "then" first to the body of Christ. Why NOT vet Muslims who are persecuted wrongly and innocent, first? Why wouldn't we do that first?
I believe Him. You should, too.
Then like me, use scriptures. You KNOW that 1/3 of the deaths from attack WILL be from Muslims. YOU gave me that statistic. You did. Are we really loving if we ignore any one group AND put them in purposeful further danger? When our ideals cost lives, we have to think of the most effective ways of loving because NOT doing so isn't as loving. I cried with my mom over Christians being put to death this last Thanksgiving. It broke my heart.
Did Jesus condemn the Good Samaritan?
Yes, in point of fact: John 4:22. He told her it was time to stop it and do the RIGHT thing. I have NO PROBLEM with you sharing Christ and what is right with a Muslim. None. Jesus ALSO said this: Matthew 15:26 Let's embrace ALL of Jesus' words for a change, not just some of them or the 'convenient' ones. "TRUTH" sets free.
Did he condemn the Samaritan woman?
Yes OR liberated her, depending on what she did with the information. The time 'had come' for TRUE worshippers to worship in spirit AND truth. IOW He told her she DIDN'T worship in truth. That was a condemnation of 'false' worship. We cannot make scripture in our image. We CAN have our image changed by HIM.
When you understand why He did not, you'll understand more about yourself.
YOU will understand more about yourself, rather. I've no problem doing whatever He says. Make sure it is what He says. Loving? Always good. Loving better? Er, better.
And yet, American Muslims aren't at all like that.
No. You didn't deal with you own data. YOU showed, if not proved, that one in 3 attacks on America will be done by Muslims. Not 'muslim by nationality, Muslim by religion. You showed the RISK is exponentially great, the more we vet. It is GUARANTEED. What do you want to do? Vet more of THOSE ones. Sorry, it doesn't look loving to me. It looks like you are simply siding with the bad guys. It doesn't look like anything else. How could it? It can't.
I understand why you desperately want to paint all Muslims as being the same.
:doh: Are you unintelligent? DO you understand that it is 'against the law' to be a Christian in Muslim controlled countries? Did you READ? Did you not watch the video? Why didn't you? Don't you love that little girl? Don't you care about the family she lost? Don't you care they were persecuted to death BECAUSE they were Christians by Normal Muslims? Who is desperate to sweep something uncomfortable under the rug? YOU proved that 1 in 3 attacks in the U.S. WILL be from regular run of the mill AMERICAN Muslims. You did. Too late. That is out of the bag. You can't take that back.
But the fact is, they aren't.
Where in the world do you get that? YOU showed one in EVERY 3 attacks in the U.S. have been done and WILL CONTINUE TO BE DONE by Muslims. YOU did that. What is wrong with your head. YOU showed this is true. You JUST tried to say vetting them was loving, even KNOWING this is true. These ARE the facts, Barbarian. YOU gave them.
And as you learned, American Muslims are pretty much like other Americans when it comes to terrorism, tolerance, and faith.
No. You are being inept. What you had was an article that talked about 'sentiments' RATHER than actions. IOW you believe sight unseen and AGAINST what is actual that YOU already gave as a statistic: One that anyone can look up as true. NOBODY can do but that. It doesn't matter what a Muslim 'says.' It matters what that religion teaches and a portion of AMERICAN Muslims are going to kill you BECAUSE their religion says they are supposed to. You can love Muslim people by embracing the ones who reject that AND by embracing the ones who have become Christians and are being killed by these.
And that's all there is to say about it.
Not the best closer. It doesn't even mean anything. It certainly isn't true. I'm sorry to nitpick, but as I said, this is life/death stuff. "That's all there is to say about that" doesn't look like you've watched the video or read about Christians who are dead, persecuted and scheduled for nothing less than murder. For them alone, we haven't said enough. Nowhere near enough.
Hoping for good? Commendable. Hoping AGAINST data contrawise? No longer commendable and if persistent, can often be seen as wicked for dubious purpose, like Putin denying children were killed by lethal chemicals. He cannot get a pass pleading ignorance that looks purposeful.

​Brilliant Debating Lon!

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