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Can any one disagreed with Newton? Copernicus? Einstein? Hawking? Tegmark and Guth?

Which cosmological theory do you fully understand and accept? Steady state, big band, relativity, string, bounce, quantum, multi universe.

How about creation and intelligent design?


And here is the brilliant reply

If the scientist is in conflict with what the Bible says, then yes, I disagree with them. But everything you've said so far about the earth being flat comes from a rejection of reality. The Bible tells us to guard our thoughts, yet you've looked at hundreds of conspiracies, and started to believe them without testing them to see if they match reality, if they fit the way things actually work.

Question for you:

Have you ever been outside the US? If so, have you been to the other half of the world? For example Australia? If the Earth is truly flat, then one should be able to see all the constellations in the night sky at the same time. If the Earth is NOT flat, however, only half of them should be visible at night, and the other half blocked by the earth. So, next time you go outside the US and travel to the southern hemisphere, look up at night, and tell me if you see the same constellations at night, the same stars, that you can see in the northern hemisphere.

That is a relatively simple test to see if the Flat Earth theory is correct or incorrect. Performing that test is called science.

More in a bit.

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