seperating family time from homeschool


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Came across this article today, and was wondering what your take is on it.

Seperate homeschool from family time.

We have a relaxed approach, to educating our kids. I don't have school at home. I know that some families do have a classroom at home, and it works for them.

I disagree with the article. The world is a classroom. We are always learning. A preschooler doesn't need a textbook to study bugs. Just go down to the park with them and try to hurry home, and you will quickly learn that they are very intrigued by everything :)

There have been many times that we will all snuggle up together to watch a documentary. Sometimes a movie the night before becomes the topic of lessons for the next week.


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I don't like the idea at all. First of all, my kids have maybe 20-40 minutes a day (average) of book learning, and they do it when they want. That might be at 7 pm just before bed, or 7 am while I'm making breakfast. And when I sit down to help them, that is special time for them. Some days they do 3 hours, and some none at all. It's fun for them.

And the rest of the time? How do I say to them, hey, this isn't your learning time, it's just play time now. That doesn't sound right to me. Learning is when they have a question that gets answered. When they beat me at a game of chess, or at least try to. It happens when they're running around in the sunshine or feeding their pets. When they're cozy with a favorite book.

I guess you can tell by now, I'm an unschooling mom, too.


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I definitely disagree with the article. That's really unnecessary. It's all family time. When you teach your kids you're spending time with your family.

This does nothing more than discourage parents from homeschooling especially with so many thinking they aren't capable.

Hoosiermommy, I saw your comment (I think it was you) on the site. I just now responded as well.