Scripture: Torah, Nevi'im, Ketuvim (K'tuvim)



Today is Revi'i (Fourth), 11-22, until sundown. It is Yom (Day).

I would like to talk about and discuss the Scriptures.

We have the Torah. The Prophets. The Writings.

This is different from the Old Testament, or Scripture being the New Testament, both, or the Bible.

The Torah the Nevi'im and the K'tuvim (or Ketuvim) is the TaNaK. This is the Law the Prophets and the Writings.

What is the Jewish Bible? The Hebrew Bible? The Bible? The Hebrew Scriptures? We also have Matthew through Revelation. So then what is the Bible? Is it the Old Testament and the New Testament, or the Scriptures? Why call the Bible or the Scriptures the Old Testament or the New Testament? The TaNaK is a different order and arrangement of books, from the Old Testament or compared with the Old Testament. It comprises the same material or content. What do we call Scripture? How can we be helped in our Hebrew or Jewish understanding? K'tuvim means Scriptures, understood as Writings. It is not that the Torah and the Nevi'im are not Scripture, Scriptures, or the Scriptures. But it is not a Christian understanding. Unless a Christian is not viewing the Bible as Old Testament and New Testament or the TaNaK as Old Testament.