RSR What’s Next, and Favorites from 2022


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This is the show from Friday, December 16th, 2022


*Yesterday and Tomorrow: Fred and Doug McBurney review some of our favorite shows from 2022: Terminal Lucidity, Traced, Joe Spears and the Setterfield Cosmology, Do All Dogs go to Heaven, and hear about a few items on the agenda should the Lord tarry in 2023: Apeman Part III, The Octopus, Questioning Plate Tectonics, The Soul & The Spirit, Quantum Entanglement and Human Entanglement – Marriage ; )

*Mr. Rogers’ Real Science: Hear a PBS star say that boys are boys and girls are girls, and that’s all. And hear RSR’s opinion about where all the woke/trans madness is heading…

*Playing Chicken: Hear some of the strange reasons that atheists think chickens are dinosaurs.

*Evolution Upended: The “evolutionary tree” must be like an arrow pinned in the middle on a game board. It’s been upended again, (this time by a modern looking bird fossil), and it’s either right side up again, (or maybe just spinning around).

The Juror is Out: Hear about Fred and Doug at Jury Duty!