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Washington State, in 2007 passed the Healthy Youth Act https://www.doh.wa.gov/CommunityandE...ealthEducation
These are standards for sexual education that must include all person's sexuality. https://www.k12.wa.us/sites/default/...0FINAL.PDF.pdf

The good news: Schools shouldn't be teaching without parents permission, individual districts get to choose material and most choose 'heavy abstinence' curriculum.

Bad news: The OSI (office of superintendent) scores 'abstinence' instruction as substandard thus are pressuring school districts to adopt TMI (too much information) curriculum. While the OSI does call for 'age appropriate' they yet pressure districts to put TMI at inappropriate ages for "information." The goal of the Healthy Youth Act is heavily AIDS oriented taking cues from the medical community rather than appropriate age-development and education awareness and standards.

Point? Yes, we have to start homeschooling and churches should sponsor free or greatly reduced education within its walls throughout the week. It is doable and parents already homeschooling, especially if they have help from professional teachers, can do an amazing and often better job than the public school counterparts.