Putin Laughing His Butt Off


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Texas governor Greg Abbott discussing the crisis that Biden has created on the border. I include this here as a counterpoint to the clips that I've posted of Senile Joe the Rapist. Listen to what a competent leader sounds like and compare.

How did he do that without a teleprompter. He must be amazing!


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Candace Owens!

As always, Candace is spot on. Biden does not take questions from the media. The powers behind the democrat party political front cannot allow him to take questions from the media. That means he is in real danger right now that he and many other democrats are quite likely unaware of. Democrat officials have proven to be corrupt, liars, thieves, and even murderers. Biden's security is provided by gun-toting officers specially chosen by democrat power bosses who rule the party. If the bosses decide Biden must die by accident or apparent 'natural causes,' then Biden will be killed and Kamala will move up.