Polygamy is in the Bible


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Easy: smoke and mirrors don't help you or Barbey at all. Let's look again and PLEASE try and stay substantial!

Deuteronomy 17:17 Neither shall he multiply wives to himself, that his heart turn not away: neither shall he greatly multiply to himself silver and gold.

NOTICE what Barbey and Neo did (dishonestly): They took out the second part of the verse! It is in CONJUNCTION AND CONTEXTUALLY that we understand this verse! I don't care about Barbey's PhD. I have a Masters, good enough. Barbey and Neo are simply wrong! Contextually! I don't NEED to redress my post: They BOTH need to pay attention to what I actually proved and NOT truncate scripture! It infuriates me! You are lying when you do so! It is INCREDIBLY dishonest, not academic and amounts to a damnable lie (because man is trying to edit God). I then posted, not so much to get away from Deuteronomy but to enforce it: 1 Corinthians 7:2 to prove, clearly, that Barbey and Neo are wrong:
"Who cares what barbey a.c. et al thinks?" 🗣️ 1 Corinthians 7:2: But because of sexual immorality, each man should have his own wife, and each woman should have her own husband. Oops, clearly (clearly) Barbey and Neo are wrong.

💫 No, you and he aren't correct. The scripture says 1) "not multiply wives." Do you KNOW what a 'multiple (rahbah) ' is???? "to increase after one!" In the next breath of the sentence 'and not money/wealth (don't multiply) "greatly" either!' IOW, the first: a prohibition, none at all (after the first)! The second? Not to 'overdo it "WITH MONEY/Wealth!"' EXACTLY opposite what you and Barbeyac (dishonestly?) want (desperately?) to believe! The first says "No increase!." The SECOND says 'not exceed.' You and whoever Barbey is, blew it. I EXPECT you to not be strong-willed in ignorance. I EXPECT you to apologize when you realize you've been purposefully ignorant and arrogant.
I'm right, you are wrong. You clearly tried to obfuscate. Everyone in thread can see it. Your mind might work this way, but I suggest you pay attention to God instead of trying to prove misconceptions in your own head. You are responsible 1) to God, 2) to the VAST majority of those with enough skills to read and grasp the full of their bibles against you 3) to me in particular because you chose to be dishonest with me, AGAIN! 4) Yourself. Don't give yourself room to lie to yourself in your ignorance and pride. You are a child in a man's body doubling down: reread my post. It proves, conclusively, you are wrong. YOU are the one that cut out scripture purposefully and rendered it violently from the text! Deuteronomy 17:17 BY CONTEXT says "No!" clearly to the first BECAUSE it clearly allows 'some' to the second! Do you EVEN grasp that? Did Barbey? No. I also accuse any professor you have of being inept or dishonest on this point as well if they stand with your incompetence. It is important that I am responsible to his/her correction: They need it. I've given it. Print this out and show it to his/her. -Lon
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I went to Dr. Michael Brown a Ph.D. in near eastern languages and a professional Bible translater. This is someone that really knows how to translate this text. I asked him point-blank, Is Dt 17:17 a good argument against polygamy? He responded, "Actually, no".
: Plain: This Dr. Brown? Frankly, while I love passion in the Charismatic/Pentecostal, I really have a problem with anti-academics and but rarely find someone from among them that can actually be objective and stable academically without appeals to sensationalism (this one if not your professor, defends Benny Hinn). It doesn't matter the degree, I have them; It matters whether a fellow can actually understand basic grammar rules. I absolutely question his ability at this juncture and you can tell him I said so, 'point-blank.' He and you have become illiterate. I will never allow appeals to authority for exactly this reason: He is no authority on this particular, 'point blank.'

Deuteronomy 17:17 thankfully gives us two statements with one prohibiting 'adding' and the other by comparison and context: a prohibition to 'be careful' not to be 'adding' too much. It means literally, the text itself tells you exactly opposite of what you and Dr. Brown think. The word is rahbah. I don't care what language someone has a grasp of, if they cannot read context. Hebrew especially, is a contextual language and I'd challenge anybody to prove me wrong (they can't), I've enough to know on this particular the Hebrew word is about 'increase.' Further, ANYBODY who has any kind of grades in contextual understand, like a good SAT score, knows the difference of the two statements in Deuteronomy 17:17. It is just this clear and NO wiggle room for any ridiculousness. Sorry, fact. Challenging? Yes, and sorry I have to be "Point-blank." Truth is truth is truth and those who follow Him must follow Him in truth and spirit.

Is this a cardinal issue? No, not at all, but when you are clearly wrong, especially on something nonsalvific, you should learn to not be so foolish, especially when you are wrong. A good many Charismatic/Pentecostals need this same challenge and warning: you folks are just not seen as the greater academics of Christianity and interactions and failure like this is the reason why. As long as you are attending a Charismatic college, you will have a subpar education because much of it is given to superstition.

I do believe God does incredible things, but at the ground level, the problem I have with Pentecostal/Charismatics is that they are reiterations of Israel and O.T. living. You certainly aren't alone in it, but it absolutely taints your gentile biblical understanding and causes all kinds of confusions and living majoring on LAW and minoring on Grace. The Apostle Paul was clear enough regarding marriage, if someone like you wants to revert to O.T. living, it is going back into bondage. Hebrews was written to keep Jews and proselytes from repeating what Christ already did. My best advice to you is to read and reread Paul's writings to you, a gentile, as the only apostle who wrote to them, for your theology education. Do that and you'll do incredibly better. -Lon
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