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Originally posted by Brellix
After chance #2 of your list, it is murder. PERIOD!

When we talk about the life of a child, two chances is more than adequate.

Any more than that is just a down-right disregard for morality.

Your reasoning is illogical anyway. For example:

chance # 1 --- Some big burly guy debates you in a civil manner.

chance # 2 --- Same guy yells obscenities in your face.

chance # 3 --- Same guy slaps you in the face.

chance # 4 --- Same guy bashes you with a ball bat.

chance # 5 --- Same guy pulls a knife and cuts your throat.

Would you wait until chance #5 before it bothered you?

I think not.

Remember, wrong is wrong, and it shouldn't take 5 chances to do the right thing.

The whole "protecting the woman" angle is just a crock of balony developed by the femi-nazi movement to try and brainwash the average skirt wearer into strengthening its political power in this country.

Don't believe them...Groups like NOW and the ACLU have caused more harm to women than any other movement in history.

As for "assault" weapons, that whole term is a joke. It is just some group of liberals' idea of categorizing the weapons that "look" scary. Any inanimate object used in an attack could be deemed an assault weapon. Think about it.

What it comes down to once again, is that the bleeding heart leftists would rather make excuses for perpetrators instead of punishing them. It doesn't make sense to sue the manufacturer of a product because some person used it in a crime.




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